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Difference Between Hemp and Mar

Hemp is a type of Cannabis plant that has industrial uses for its fiber and seeds. Mar is marijuana, which is a type of Cannabis plant that is used to make a psychoactive drug.


What is Hemp?

Definition of Hemp:

Hemp is a species of Cannabis plant, which is grown for uses of its seeds and fiber. The amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (thc) found in Hemp plants is very small, usually less than 0.3%, while the cannabidiol (cbd) levels are quite high.

Plant growth:

The plant grows well in temperate regions and can be germinated from seed. It is an annual plant that can grow up to 5 meters high. If Hemp is grown for the fiber then the individual seeds are planted much closer together than if seeds are what is to be harvested.  The leaf shape is palmate and they can be classified as compound leaves. The Hemp takes from 120 to up to 180 days to grow and the plant that is produced has leaves that are quite narrow and concentrated near the top part of the plant. In other words, it is not a bushy shrub. 

Traditional uses:

Humans have been growing and using Hemp for fiber since the olden days. The fiber that is obtained from the plant is excellent for use in twine, canvas, and to make burlap sacks. It is also good for making rope and string. The Italians also use Hemp to produce various linens. The seeds from the Hemp plant are a good source of nutrients and have about 30% oil in them. The seeds are also very popular as bird seed for use by cage bird enthusiasts.

Psychoactive effects:

The Hemp plant does contain some THC, but only in very low concentrations. This means that most people do not experience any psychoactive effects from ingesting Hemp.

Health benefits of Hemp:

Hemp seeds do contain some oils that are healthy including linoleic acid which is present in the seeds of the plant. The linoleic acid is good because it is used to form healthy omega 3 fatty acids which have numerous health benefits in the human body. These seeds also contain all 9 of the essential amino acids which people have to take in with their diet. These amino acids can’t be made in the human body.


What is Mar?

Definition of Mar:

Mar is Marijuana, which is a drug that is obtained using the flowers and leaves of certain plants that occur in the genus Cannabis. The thc content of plants used to make Marijuana is high, much higher than is the Hemp plant. Marijuana thc levels range from about 5 to as much as 35%. The most concentrated thc is present in the female parts of the plant.

Plant growth:

Marijuana plants grow to form quite dense bushes with broad shaped leaves. They also do not grow as high as Hemp plants do, and plants are grown quite far apart compared with Hemp. The Marijuana grows best in warm and humid conditions and growth lasts from between 60 to 90 days, which is much shorter than Hemp.

Traditional uses of Mar: 

Marijuana has been used in the past mostly as a drug since it has psychoactive properties. The drug is available as crushed leaves rolled to form cigarettes or sometimes it is even baked into cookies.

Psychoactive effects:

Marijuana has large psychoactive effects on people due to the high thc content. There is a debate about how harmful it is for individuals, but studies on adolescents who smoke have shown some adverse effects. Such individuals may experience symptoms of withdrawal such as irritability and trouble sleeping.

Health benefits:

Evidence from studies suggests that Marijuana can be helpful in the treatment of seizures for people who suffer from epilepsy. It is the CBD that is believed to be the chemical component of Marijuana that helps with seizures. There are some findings to suggest that Marijuana can help alleviate nausea in patients who have cancer, however, there are medications that are rated as being more effective, especially as anti-emetics for cancer patients.


Difference between Hemp and Mar?

  1. Definition of  Hemp Vs. Mar

The Hemp plant is a species of Cannabis plant that is grown so as to harvest the seeds and the fiber. The Marijuana plant is a species of Cannabis that is grown to make a drug out of the flowers and leaves.

  1. Plant growth

Hemp is a plant that grows tall, has narrow leaves that are concentrated near the top part of the plant. Marijuana is a plant that grows bushy and short and has broad leaves that are not concentrated near the top of the plant.

  1. Traditional uses

Hemp has traditionally been used to make twine and burlap from the fibers of the plant, and the seeds have been used for birds. Marijuana has been used in the past as a recreational psychoactive drug

  1. Psychoactive effects

Hemp has very low concentrations of thc and so has minimal to no psychoactive effect. Marijuana has high concentrations of thc and thus has psychoactive effects such as euphoria, but it can also cause hallucinations, anxiety, and paranoia.

  1. Health benefits 

Hemp seeds are a good source of nutrients such as linoleic acid, and it has all the essential amino acids. Marijuana can help with epileptic seizures and sometimes nausea in people with cancer.

Table comparing Hemp and Mar


Summary of Hemp Vs. Mar

  • Hemp and Marijuana plants are both in the genus Cannabis.
  • Hemp though does not have psychoactive effects and is used industrially for its fiber.
  • The flowers and leaves of the Marijuana plant are used to make a drug that does have psychoactive effects.
  • There are some health benefits to both Hemp seeds and Marijuana.


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