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jaguar-leopardJaguar vs Leopard

The big cats are absolutely fascinating. Man’s desire to watch (and learn) from these incredible predators is evidenced, if nothing else, by the proliferation of big cat shows on television. Lions are easy to recognize by their majestic manes. You can always tell a tigers by its stripes. But what about the next two big cats: jaguars and leopards? How can you tell the difference between the two?

Geographical Distribution
Jaguar ‘“ if you are in South America, Central America, Mexico, or very select parts of the southern United States, chances are you are seeing a jaguar. It is exclusively a New World cat.
Leopard ‘“ lives in the Old World. Populations are found from China and India to the Middle East and down into Africa.

Physical Appearance
Jaguar ‘“ the third largest of the four big cats. It has a sturdy build and usually weights between 125 and 200 pounds. It can reach up to six feet long and stand at about 2 and half feet at the shoulder. Its coat has a tawny brown base and is covered with black rosette spots.
Leopard ‘“ is the smallest of the four big cats. It is stocky and has short legs. The largest of the leopards can reach up to 200 pounds, but a weight of 150 pounds for males is much more common. Leopards are about five feet long and stand just over two feet high. Leopards are also distinguished by their rosette covered coat but their rosettes are smaller and more tightly spaced.

Hunting and Feeding Behaviors
Jaguar ‘“ will either crush and suffocate and victim or bite straight through his skull. It prefers to stalk and eventually ambush its prey rather than chase it. Then it pounces from a prey’s blind spot. After the kill, jaguars prefer to drag their meal to a secluded spot to eat. They are carnivores but will eat almost any kind of meat.
Leopard ‘“ kill their prey by a suffocating bite. They too would rather stalk than chase their prey. Leopards will often drag their meal up a tree to eat in seclusion. They will eat anything from beetles to antelope, depending on their habitat.

Both leopards and jaguars have been extensively hunted by humans both for their furs and as livestock pests. Because of this, their populations have greatly decreased and both species are listed as threatened.

1.Leopards and jaguars are both big cats that are similar in appearance.
2.Leopards live in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East while jaguars live in South and Central America.
3.Jaguars are larger and stockier than leopards.
4.Jaguars can kill their prey by cracking their skulls while leopards kill with a suffocating bite.

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  1. Good info. This is exactly what I was looking for.

  2. it a nice car and its really what was i searching

  3. I think your confused or making this stuff up. I think its only the geographical difference that makes up the name but they I think are both the same animal. They look alike and use stealth most of the time and the only reason it climbs a tree in africa is because it doesn’t want to get injured by other bigger predators whereas in the rainforest their isn’t another predator to harm the jaguar/leopard/panther.

    • Jaguar = panthera onca
      Leopard = pantera pardis
      Different animals with very different body structure. Look past the “spots” at a silhouette of the two cats and their differences are more obvious.

    • lol..you should do research before saying someones making stuff up.
      there are BIG differences between the two cats.
      i just hate when people babble instead of doing a ton of research first.
      the only thing this article missed is that most of the time jags crush the spinal of their prey so their jaws are stronger than ANY cat species.

    • That’s like saying lions and tigers are the same. The fur pattern for jaguars & leopards is even different! These aren’t domestic pussycats wandering around impregnating other domestic pussycats with slightly different body shapes or being bred for different characteristics. There is a MASSIVE ocean and millions of years separating the two. You DO know that there are African elephants and Indian elephants, right? And they are VERY different. One shouldn’t be so pompous in pointing out another’s ignorance when one isn’t 100% sure one is correct. And you are 0%.

    • I think you have it completely wrong. Jaguars are a completely different animal entirely than a leopard. Their head is much larger and more square than a Leopard. Just because they look the same to you does not mean they are the same animal at all. They are genetically different. Or is it that you are a biologist and you have studied these animals and have a degree. But I highly doubt that to be the case. Saying that they are the same species all together is the same thing as saying that a Tiger cat is one and the same as a Maine coon cat. I think before putting yourself out there and proving yourself to be either an educated fool or lack there of you should do some serious research and know the true facts before exposing yourself to the entire world as completely stupid.

    • Ummmm I’m sorry but a Jaguar is not a leopard so only because YOU can’t spot the difference between these beautiful creatures don’t give other people false information

  4. I did a project and did a jaguar instead of a leopard

  5. They are obviously closely related. I don’t find leopards particularly “fierce” (albeit, I’m not a hare, so I can’t really say that’s true) but jaguars are vicious and scary. Leopards can be sweet and trained. It reminds me of the difference between crocs and alligators. They’re related, but one is far more ferocious than the other.

    • Well I think jaguars can be trained as well as leopards and can be loving and sweet and not just vicious and mean , they’re actually the most beautiful creature I know so don’t misunderstand them

  6. Asia, Africa, AND middle east ? “Middle East” or should we correctly say, “West Asia” (the region), IS in Asia (the continent), since it is in fact in WESTern Asia (No kidding !). It’s not rocket science, really it isn’t. Here’s hoping you learned something today.

    • I think he/she is referring to a geographic region and peoples, as opposed to plate tectonics. No matter how you slice it, the Middle East (the name itself tells you how wrong you are) has FAR more in common with Northern Africa than it EVER will with China. Or India, for that matter. After all, we are talking about beings, not what is under the surface of the earth that someone decided should be a certain way. And as far as your condescending pedantic attitude … well you know where that should go. Regionally.

      • “the Middle East (the name itself tells you how wrong you are)”.

        Eh ? confused much ? what sense is that making ?

        No one claimed Western Asia is in fact in southern china. That’s the reason it’s called Western Asia, and the reason I called it Western Asia. You know, WESTERN Asia, as opposed to EASTERN ? I repeat; you are confused (more like trolling, but I’m being polite). Asia was in fact the name of Western Asia initially in ancient times. People like you think you can take the word Asia from Western Asia and it’s inhabitants ? knock yourself out, and it will be many knockouts, to no avail.

        • And HELLO you are still WRONG. You’re a little, narcissistic, pedantic jerk, who, by the way, needs a lesson in punctuation. It’s called the MIDDLE EAST. You are so interested in what you have to say, that you don’t even pay attention to anything anyone else says. Just know you are talking complete GARBAGE, it sounds intellectual, but you are saying absolutely NOTHING. Why the moderator of this hasn’t forbidden your comments is a wonder to me.

          • Nope! you are the jerk, liar, and obsessed nay-sayer. Instead of your lies and rubbish nonsense why don’t you say in what way I’m wrong ? End of garbage “arguments” ? Obviously. So many words in your last post and none smelled anything close to logic or sanity. If you have trouble with libraries (whether virtual/online, or physical) please, tell. It’s YOU who shouldn’t be allowed to post in here when you clearly have a deceptive agenda. It’s West(ern) Asia Get a life and history lessons, dearest liar !

        • The Middle East is the name given to the region locate actually in south west Asia and Northern Africa. Not west Asia. West Asia is actually called Russia and the northern stans….

          • You’re extremely ignorant regarding subject matter. If only ignorant people would stop pretending they know things.

            “Middle East” is a term created by the western colonialists, and their descendants cannot today make up their mind what they want it to be. It’s just their perverted way of screwing with reality, else they wouldn’t be called colonialists.

            I refer you along with other mentally ill people to the library called internet. Start with wikipedia. Learn a few things and then welcome back to reality.

          • The sole fact that you don’t acknowledge/accept the term or name Middle East, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
            Besides that, it hardly hasanything to do with the subject (the article roughly mentions the regions where these types of animals live) so what’s the fuss about? Give it a rest. Name what we (all humans but you) call Middle East whatever you like but leave us out of it.
            Go visit West Asia and maybe we’ll see you while we’re in the Middle East.

  7. I’ll be surprise if those to ever mate

  8. one thing is not mentioned. Leopards can be trained in circuses and jaguars cannot be trained. at all.

  9. Leopards only have 300 psi but Jaguars have 1500 psi

  10. There bite force. The leopard only has 300 psi but the jaguar has 1500 psi!

  11. its perplexinn two sea all feedback nd heated debates verbal warfare leopard vs jaguar…
    big cats
    geographicallee name changes
    all of panthera familia
    have same bite leopards also crak skulls
    bth stalk nd seclude their kill or prey…
    west asia is the middle east look ur atlas not wiki…othawyse u bee the judge big cats wit rosette…

  12. I have happy fully by this defferestation

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