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Difference Between Panther and Jaguars

Panther vs Jaguars

Both of these are large cats. People think that there is actually no difference between the two. t In addition to that, most people would think that there is no difference between the panther and the jaguar because they are both felines that have the same hunting method. Considering hunting methods, both the panther and the jaguar hunt for the same type of food — meat.

The term “panther” simply is the generic term for large cats, and that would include the jaguar. To simply differentiate between the two, jaguars are actually panthers. Along with the jaguars would be lions, leopards, tigers, and other large cats. It is safe to say that all jaguars are panthers. However, if people would say that all panthers are jaguars, then there would be a mistake since, as mentioned earlier, panthers would include tigers, lions, and leopards. Moreover, there is a difference in their classification, more specifically their genus. Jaguars are from the genus panther while the panthers are from the genus Panthera pardus.

People might have also taught that black panthers are another species of large cats because it is different from the typical appearance of large cats, more particularly the jaguar. But actually these black panthers are still either leopards or jaguars. The only thing that actually differs is the coloration of the panthers. These other colors of panther species are called melanistic panthers. The discoloration of panthers from the typical spotted or striped fur is caused by melanism, the increased amount of dark pigmentation in the skin or hair of animals. At times, melanism may also occur not only to the skin or hair but also to eyes and to some birds’ feathers.

There is a difference between the panther and the jaguar when it comes to the specific physical attributes as well. The sizes of these creatures have slight differences. Jaguars would usually weigh around 124-211 lbs. or 56-96 kilos. The panthers, on the other hand, would weigh around 100-250 pounds. They would also have a difference in the length. The range of the length of the jaguars would be around 5-6 feet tall whereas the range of the panthers’ length could go from 7-8 feet.


1.There is a difference in the classification of panthers and jaguars.

2.The panthers may be black in color while the jaguars may be spotted.

3.There is a difference in the weight and length of panthers and jaguars.

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