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Niche vs habitat

Every organism in the planet has a significant role to play in the ecosystem of the earth. They have their own places to live, functions, and amazing ways of reproduction to multiply their species. To help maintain the biological world people must be informed, not only on the physical aspect of it, but on a deeper level of how they live as one.

The ecological study or the way of learning about the way these organisms interact with each other in the ecosystem is through studying its ecological niche and habitat. The niche and the habitat may have common attributes, but they are totally different from each other. To have a deeper knowledge of the biological world, it is best that these two be defined and differentiated.

The most basic and the most difficult thing to understand in this study is the ecological niche. This is the study of how organisms relate or fit in the ecosystem that it belongs to. The physical structure of the organisms is one of the very important factors for this concept or study. The physical attributes of the organisms are called the morphology. The psychological and behavioral ways of adaption of these organisms to their ecological community is also very important in studying the ecological niche concept.

The habitat, on the other hand, is focused more on the location or the place in the environment where the organisms live. The resources available to each species, whether physical or biological, are very important in this study or aspect.

The niche is the study that is more focused on the response of the organism to the limited resources of the environment and their competitors. On the other hand, the habitat is more focused on where the organisms live and how their environment affects them.

To describe niche easier, it is the study of how an organism makes a living in the ecological community it belongs to, while the habitat is defined as where the organisms live. With this simple definition, it will be easy to differentiate the two.

Niche and habitat is correlated in the study of biodiversity. By studying these two, people may be able to help keep the homes of different organisms healthy and ultimately maintaining the numbers of the organisms in the ecosystem. In today’s fast developing world, there are tendencies that the bio-diversities of this world are taken for granted. This is why studying the concept of niche and habitat is very important in today’s modern world.



The study or the concept of the ecological niche is more difficult to understand than that of the habitat.

The niche is more on how the organisms behave in the places where they belong, while the habitat is focused on the places where each organism belongs.

The niche is more on how organisms react to their environment while habitat is more on how their environment affects them.

The short definition for niche is how an organism makes a living in the place it belongs, while the habitat is where the organisms live.

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