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Difference Between Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea

Persian Gulf vs Arabian Sea

Maybe because of their proximity, the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea have been easily confused with each other. Aside from the obvious difference that the Persian Gulf is a gulf and that the Arabian Sea is a sea, there are still many other characteristics which make them very different.

The Persian Gulf is the body of water that pours into another gulf called the Oman Gulf which further leads towards the wider Arabian Sea. Being a gulf, it actually serves as a large extension or arm of the sea. It is situated in between the Arab Peninsula and Iran. This Middle Eastern location has made waves of news around the world most especially during the conflict between neighboring countries Iraq and Iran (1980-88). This area is also home to a rich array of marine and aquatic resources ranging from pearl oysters, coral reefs, bountiful fishes, and, of course, oil.

The total area of the gulf is approximately 233,000 km2 and 989 km long. On its western side, it is connected to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and to the Gulf of Oman on its eastern side. As compared to the open sea, this gulf is practically shallow as its deepest point is only 90 meters (averaging to 50 meters). Being an oil-rich gulf, the Persian Gulf is home to the biggest offshore oilfield in the world, and many of its surrounding countries are also blessed with big oil reservoirs.

By contrast, the Arabian Sea lies in-between the Indian and Arabian Peninsula with a total area of 3.8 million km2 and has its deepest point at 4,652 meters. This is also recognized as one of the world’s warmest seas and is only one of the many subregions of the bigger Indian Ocean. The Arabian Sea is also blessed with rich aquatic resources and is home to several beautiful islands – the two largest being Socotra and Masirah. Historically speaking, the Arabian Sea was and is still a very important trading route to its border countries and nearby districts.


1.The Persian Gulf is a smaller body of water compared to the Arabian Sea.
2.The Persian Gulf is a gulf while the Arabian Sea is a sea.
3.The Persian Gulf is in-between the Arabian Peninsula and Iran while the Arabian sea is in-between the Indian and Arabian Peninsula.
4.The Arabian Sea is deeper than the Persian Gulf.

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