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Difference Between Yorkshire Terriers and Silky Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers vs Silky Terriers

When you talk about dog breeding, two of the most-liked dog breeds in America are the Yorkshire terrier and the Silky terrier. Now it becomes a hard decision to choose one of them,because both of them have almost the same appearance. Sometimes they are so similar that people get confused and cannot differentiate between the two. There are some simple points which you need to consider, and you will be able to pick the right dog breed from these two.

Both the Yorkshire terrier and the Silky terrier are light-weight dogs and not very tall. A Yorkshire terrier normally weighs six pounds which can inrease or decrease in some cases. You will find two, tiny pointed ears and a very ‘yappy’ kind of voice in them. The usual color of their coats is blue and gold. There are certain variations in colors, but blue and gold are more dominant. The beauty of these dogs is in their coat length. The length of their fur can exceed their total height, and normally it is twice as long as their total height. When you talk about personality then, Yorkshires are more consistent in their nature. This can vary with some particular dogs, but overall they are bossier and want to get the attention all of the time. The only disadvantage or drawback, which can get your Yorkshire out of a dog competition, is the mixture of white and black hair in the blue and gold. This is quite a common problem in the Yorkshires.

Now considering the other counterpart, the Silky terrier, the first thing which comes to mind after hearing their name is the smoothness of their coat. Their fur is so silky smooth that it resembles human hair. This is the reason behind their name Silky terrier. Like the Yorkshire terrier, they are also available in the blue and tan colors, but you can also get them in a red and blue color. You need to take care of them a lot, and walking is an essential exercise for Silky terriers. It’s a precaution that you should never unleash your Silky terrier because they can be a little aggressive to other dogs. Behavior-wise they are little more rash than the Yorkshire terrier, and it is often seen that they like to chase small animals. This is the reason people with Silky terriers are not recommended to leave their dog alone with some other small pet. They are aggressive in nature and easily get jealous of other dogs. They may attack the other dog that is getting the attention of their owner. Due to the beauty of their fur, you will need to take care of them diligently. Combing daily is an essential responsibility to avoid any tangles.

From the above comparisons, it can be easily said that Yorkshire terriers are better than Silky terriers in many aspects, most importantly, their behavior. Yorkshire terriers are not very aggressive in nature as are the Silky terriers. So keep these things in mind while making the decision for your next dog.

* Yorkshire terriers and Silky terriers are almost the same height and looks.
* Yorkshire terriers are available in two colors, and they are more calm in nature and easy to train.
* Silky terriers are bolder in looks, but they are more aggressive in nature which makes them hard to train.
* A Yorkshire terrier is better than a Silky terrier in almost all aspects.

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