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Difference Between Sound Engineering and Audio Engineering

Sound Engineering vs Audio Engineering

Sound is an integral part of every modern multimedia experience. From music, to TV shows, movies, and even games need the sound to be perfect. In this respect, a discipline is needed in the processing and creation of sounds that are to be used in these media. The terms sound engineering and audio engineering easily comes into mind. If you want to know what the difference between sound engineering and audio engineering is, there is none. The words sound and audio basically mean the same thing, thus the two above professions are identical to each other.

Sound engineering or audio engineering is a very wide discipline that can be summarized into a few words; the creation and refining of sounds for specific purposes. In music, the general objective is to mix the sounds of the different instruments so that they achieve the appropriate level of blending with no specific instrument overpowering the others. In movies, the task is to isolate the significant sounds in the scenes and to remove unnecessary noise that can distract the audience. In animated movies and games, there is usually no sound source aside from the voices. The sounds are then created through a variety of techniques and tricks to emulate certain sounds.

Sound engineering and audio engineering are not really considered as true engineering disciplines like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, or electrical engineering; thus the lack of a structure to be followed in their study and practice. This is also the reason why the two terms exist in lieu of a single specific term. Other terms like “sound mixer”, “audio technician”, and others are also used to refer to the practitioners of the same discipline. These terms emerged in the different industries that they deal with. Some companies may refer to the position as sound engineering while another may refer to it as audio engineering.

There really should be no confusion about sound engineering and audio engineering as they mean the same thing and a sound engineer can work as an audio engineer. The term audio is a technical term that describes an electrical representation of sound. Even if you use one or the other, you are still referring to the same thing.


  1. Sound Engineering and Audio Engineering main the same thing
  2. One term or the other may be preferred in specific fields
  3. Audio is the electrical representation of sound

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  1. I disagree. sound engineering is the art with a focus on the creation of sounds. Audio engineering is akin to production and morr closely associates itself as a trade or part of a process, where the creation of specific sounds or noises is not an end goal or a substantial focus/concern.

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