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 Science vs Engineering

Science is defined as the branch of knowledge or the study that deals with a systematically arranged body of truths or facts which can be logically and rationally explained. It is knowledge of the physical and material world that is derived from one�s observation and experimentation.

It is closely related to philosophy, physics, chemistry, geology, and biology. It is divided into two major groups of empirical sciences wherein knowledge is based on phenomenon that can be observed and validated through research, namely:

� Natural sciences, which study natural phenomenon such as biology.
� Social sciences, which study human behavior and society.
Two other categories are based on specific fields of discipline like interdisciplinary and applied sciences such as:
� Mathematics, which is similar to empirical sciences because it involves the careful and systematic study of an objective. It is important in the formation of hypotheses, theories, and laws.
� Engineering, which is the discipline of gaining and using scientific, mathematical, economic, social, and practical knowledge to design and build machines, devices, and structures to improve the lives of the people.

Engineering, therefore, is a science that is broad and has four main branches:

� Chemical engineering, which is the study of chemicals and their principles for the design and production of materials and fuels essential to man.
� Civil engineering, which involves the planning and construction of infrastructure like roads, bridges, and buildings.
� Electrical engineering, which includes design and production of electrical and electronic systems such as electrical and electronic circuits, devices, computer systems, motors, telecommunication, etc.
� Mechanical engineering, which involves the design of physical and mechanical systems like aircraft, weapons, transportation, and other mechanical devices.

There are several more branches including naval engineering, architecture, biomedical, industrial, and nuclear engineering. Engineering applies the sciences of physics and mathematics and works with nature to design things that are necessary to man.

One important tool that engineers use to help check their designs for flaws and mistakes is the computer. Computer-aided design (CAD) software is used to create 3D models and drawings which allow engineers to analyze their designs without having to build prototypes.

Science is very helpful to man. It makes life easier, and it helps us in our search for knowledge, truth, and the creation of things that are essential to us.


1. Science is the study of systematically arranged facts that can be logically explained while engineering is a branch of science that deals with the discipline of gaining and using scientific, mathematical, economic, and practical knowledge to design and produce machines and devices that are useful to man.
2. Science has several classifications including natural science, social science, empirical and applied sciences while engineering has four main branches that include: chemical, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering.
3. Engineering uses different scientific fields in its pursuit of suitable designs and methods of producing devices for the benefit of man.
4. Science is a collection of knowledge and validated systems while engineering is the utilization of these systems and knowledge to create devices and structures.

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