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Difference Between Gmail and Gmail Motion

Gmail vs Gmail Motion

Google and its founders are pretty well known for the occasional prank and hoax especially during April Fool’s Day. And this was the case when it comes to Gmail Motion. The main difference, if you do not know yet, between Gmail and Gmail Motion is that the latter was actually just a hoax perpetrated by Google and would not really be available to Google users; or at least for the foreseeable future.

The claim of Gmail Motion was that it changes how a user interacts with the computer in using their Gmail accounts. Unlike today where Gmail is accessed via the traditional mouse and keyboard, or the ever growing in popularity touch interface, Gmail Motion replaces these implements with the user’s body movements. Gmail Motion aims to achieve this by using the computer camera. If users were not clued in already by needing to stand a certain distance from your computer, the absolutely ridiculous poses you need to do. These poses were supposedly meant to initiate common tasks like going to the inbox, composing a new email, marking spam, and the like. But there was no mention of how you were supposed to type out your messages. So it’s probably via speech recognition or back to regular typing through a keyboard.

The notion of Gmail Motion is a tempting idea, though not a very practical one at the moment. This is one of the reasons why Gmail Motion piques the interest of many people, especially those who deal with tons of email constantly. But for now, we are still stuck with the usual way of dealing with our emails.


1.Gmail is an actual service while Gmail Motion was just a hoax
2.Gmail Motion claims to use bodily motions to control your Gmail account

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