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gmailHotmail vs Gmail

Hotmail is one of the earliest providers of free webmail service. Its acquisition by Microsoft included it in the MSN list of services. Google introduced its email service, called Gmail, pretty late in the game but it forced the major email service providers to improve their capacities to match up with it. Since both Gmail and Hotmail are owned by giant software companies, both are also linked to their services. Gmail users can take advantage of Google Docs among other things in the Google Labs. Hotmail users can also make use of other Microsoft services from the Hotmail interface.

Both these providers profit by either charging for the service or by displaying ads on the interface who opt for the free service. Gmail users only see text ads which occupy a small amount of space while Hotmail users see big graphic ads that can sometimes be distracting if you are not used to it. Gmail users also appreciate the very large limit on sending files, set at 20Mb. Hotmail, on the other hand, only allows 10Mb files for attachments. If you need to send something bigger, then you would have to split the file using an archiver software.

Hotmail sticks to the traditional folders to separate and organize their emails. This is what is commonly used in other email service providers and email applications. Gmail departed from using folders and devised the use of tags in segregating the emails. Hotmail users can preview the message before opening it up. They can then choose whether it is important and needs attention first. You are not given this capability with Gmail and are actually forced to open the message in order to view its content.

For most users, the choice between Gmail and Hotmail is usually left to user preference as they are more or less equal. You should also consider the services that you like. If you use MSN services a lot, using Hotmail would consolidate your accounts and make it easier for you. The same is also true for Google and Gmail.

1.Hotmail is the first free web email provider that was eventually acquired by Microsoft while Gmail is the newest of the big email service providers and is owned by Google
2.Gmail has small text ads while Hotmail has large ads with graphics for non-paying users
3.You can send files up to 20Mb with Gmail while you can only send 10Mb with Hotmail
4.Hotmail utilizes the traditional folders in organizing emails while Gmail uses tags
5.Hotmail offers a full preview of the message which is absent in Gmail

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  1. Google cannot get it right. I live in Bronxville, NY but they continue to list me as Mount Vernon, NY on the Google home page and on iGoogle. If they do not correct this, I will discontinue using Google and iGoogle! GET IT RIGHT!

    • I have been using Hotmail since 1994 and it’s been working very well for me. A couple of months ago, I wanted to try Gmail, but after using it for a few weeks Google decided to disable my account for no apparent reason.

      I spent so much time trying to figure out why I couldn’t login to my account anymore. I tried their help menu, I reviewed their Policies and Rules in case I have violated any of that, but nothing, no explanation whatsoever. And good luck trying to reach their support team …

      So, Gmail, you can forget it. Disable my account and enjoy it. I don’t want it, and I don’t want your weird and snobby service. And no thanks for the horrible experience you’ve given me and for wasting my time.

      PS. I looked at some google forums and apparently I’m not the only one how has complained about this problem.

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