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Difference Between Yahoo Mail and Gmail

Yahoo Mail vs Gmail

There are many sites that provide free email. Among the biggest are Yahoo mail and Gmail (also known as Google Mail). If you are considering which one to use, you should first consider what other services you use as this saves you from making other accounts. Google is a rather big company that owns a lot of other sites. Your Gmail account can be used on YouTube, Picasa, Google Docs, and many others while your Yahoo mail account can be used with Flickr,del.icio.us, Yahoo Messenger, and many others as well. Of course, having accounts on both Yahoo and Google solves this problem easily.

On the actual web GUI, the two have very different approaches. Yahoo crams in as much information as possible into the welcome page. It would contain news, recent updates from social networking sites, and even trending topics. On the other hand, Gmail goes for the simple approach. It goes straight to your inbox and has very minimal clutter. Another critical function is in scanning spam. In this area, it seems that Google has the better filter as Yahoo mail tends to miss some spam or wrongly sends a legitimate email to the spam folder.

Another difference between Yahoo Mail and Gmail is in what you get for free and what you don’t, namely, POP access and email forwarding. Email forwarding is quite self-explanatory as it simply forwards the emails it receives to an email address that you’ve indicated. POP is a protocol that lets you use a different email client to retrieve and send your emails; popular clients include Outlook and Thunderbird. You get both for free in Gmail but you need to subscribe to Yahoo Mail Plus, a paid upgrade to Yahoo Mail, to get them. If you do not want to pay for these services, then Gmail is the only choice for you.

Being the older of the two email services, it is understandable why Yahoo has more users than Gmail. But with the simple interface and excellent complimentary services, Gmail is quickly gaining ground.


1.Gmail and Yahoo mail have different related services.
2.Yahoo mail home screen shows more than emails while Gmail focuses on emails only.
3.Gmail is better at screening spam than Yahoo mail.
4.Gmail offers POP access for free while Yahoo mail provides the same for a fee.
5.Gmail offers email forwarding for free while Yahoo mail provides the service for a fee.

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