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Difference Between Adobe Creative Cloud and CS6

Adobe is not just a name but an experience that is synonymous with design, printing, and publishing. Adobe is probably the only name in the world of graphic design, web development, video editing, and more. Adobe is a collection of software applications developed by Adobe Systems. Adobe has revolutionized the world through digital experiences.

That being said, Adobe Creative Cloud and CS6 are two popular software suites designed for creative professionals. Adobe CC is an upgraded and feature-rich version of CS6, while CS6 was the older version that was available as a one-time purchase. Read on to know more about the two software packages and understand the difference between Adobe CC and CS6.

Adobe CS6

Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6) is a discontinued software suite of professional tools for graphic designing, image editing, page layout, publishing creative content, and much more. CS6 was the successor to CS5 and was the last version of the Creative Suite family. It was available as a one-time purchase and lacked cloud-based features and storage. Adobe ended the Creative Suite line in 2017 and rebranded it as CC.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) is an upgraded version of CS6 and a bundle of more than 20 desktop software and mobile applications designed for creative professionals. It is a software package available via subscription that gives users access to numerous Adobe programs used for creative tasks like graphic design, video editing, web development, and more. The CC bundle includes all the CS6 apps and a variety of online services.

Difference between CC and CS6

Subscription Model

– The main difference between the two is that Adobe CC is paid as a subscription-based model. It gives you access to the most recent software updates and other services in exchange for a monthly or annual fee. Adobe CS6, on the other hand, is available as a one-time purchase, which means if you purchased a license for CS6, you do not need to purchase it again. You pay a one-time fee and you own the software.


– Adobe CC, as the name suggests, is a set of cloud-connected applications for Windows computers and Mac OS with more than 20 programs included within the CC subscription. It is cloud-based and allows users to access programs from multiple devices. CS6 is an older software package that is installed and run locally on a user’s computer. CS6 does not provide cloud-based services, which means files and settings are stored locally. 


– Because Adobe CC is available as subscription-based, it provides more flexibility in pricing options, allowing users to choose between different plans depending on their requirements. An individual will have to pay $54.99 a month for the full Creative Cloud suite; for businesses, the price rises to $84.99 a month per license. If you are a teacher or student, you will have to pay only $19.99 a month. Each plan gives you access to more than 20 CC apps.

Adobe CS6 was the last version of the Creative Suite and it was pulled out from Adobe’s online store in 2013. The last updated pricing was $2,599 for CS6 Master Collection; $1,899 for both Design & Web Premium and Production Premium; and the CS6 Design Standard was $1,299.

Updates and Support

– As the successor to CS6, Adobe CC is a new version of the Adobe product line that gives users access to the latest updates, new and improved features, bug fixes, security patches, and so on. Also, Adobe provides ongoing technical support to Creative Cloud users. CS6, on the contrary, was discontinued and Adobe has stopped releasing updates and selling it entirely on their website. Owing to that, all future releases, updates, and new versions are discontinued.

Adobe CC vs. CS6: Comparison Chart


Adobe CC is a more comprehensive software suite for creative professionals, allowing them access to 20+ productivity and creative apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Fresco, and more. The CC brings together everything you need to create wonders under a single umbrella subscription. Adobe shifted to a subscription-based model with Creative Cloud. Adobe CS6, on the other hand, was the last version of the Creative Suite and it was pulled from Adobe’s online store in 2013. 


Is CS6 part of Creative Cloud?

CS6 was the last version of the Creative Suite series from Adobe to offer perpetual licenses and was taken over by the upgraded Creative Cloud. Your new CC tools can open and use old CS projects and data files, including CS6.

What is the difference between Adobe CS6 and CC?

Adobe CC is an upgraded and feature-rich version of CS6 available as part of a monthly or annual subscription, while CS6 was the older version that was available as a one-time purchase.

Is Adobe CS6 outdated?

Yes, CS6 has been discontinued and stopped receiving regular updates, feature releases, and technical support ever since. 

What replaced Adobe CS6?

Adobe CS6 was replaced by a worthy successor, Adobe Creative Cloud (CC). Thanks to CC, Adobe shifted to a subscription-based model from its traditional standalone packages.

Can you still install Adobe CS6?

You can download CS6 from your account if you purchased it from Adobe or registered it. Register your app first if you can’t find it.

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