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Difference Between AIM and MSN

Online communication has seen many developments over the past decade, one of which is instant messaging services. There are different providers of instant messaging services which allow people to communicate by typing to each other in real time. One sender types in a message and when they hit the enter button it is transmitted to the receiver, who can then respond in the same way.

AIM and MSN work the same way, and it is a matter of personal preference which service you use. Instant messaging on both services can consist of emoticons and acronyms to make expressing oneself easier than in a typical formal conversation. Both AIM and MSN have methods of allowing their users to monitor the content of what their ‘buddy’ is sending to them.

There are warnings if content is inappropriate and there are ways to remove people from your list so you don’t have to respond. There are also ways to completely block a user from communicating with you. These two messaging systems pioneered online communication which has now developed into social media sites and websites like Twitter.
AIM is America Online’s Instant Messaging system that was used for members of AOL’s services. Originally owned by the company Time Warner, AOL was an Internet and media service which served millions of people with online Internet versions of software. AIM was one of the only online messaging services that did not require approval to be on someone’s buddy list. When a buddy list is created it allows you to see if another person is communicating. This removed a little bit of the privacy offered by some of the other sites. In 2009 Time Warner sold America Online, and since then its services are not used in the same way they once were.
MSN is the Microsoft network’s way of communicating with instant messaging while on the MSN network. MSN began its instant messaging service in 1999. Today’s MSN services are offered on Microsoft operating systems like Windows Mobile, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and the new Windows 7. MSN allows you to change the design and layout of chatting screens for personalization. Additionally there have been changes to the name MSN, it is now called Windows Live Messaging system, and is widely used today.
AIM and MSN were rival services which were similar in many ways. Today MSN or Windows Live Messaging is still widely used, unlike AIM which has declined in popularity.

1. AIM and MSN were two common online instant messaging programs that could be downloaded, and were used to communicate with other users, similar to text messaging on a cellphone.
2. AIM was America Online’s system, the company was formerly owned by Time Warner and was sold in 2009.
3. MSN was Microsoft’s form of online communication compatible with Microsoft OS however the name has recently been changed to Windows Live Messaging.
4. Both AOL and MSN users developed and popularized slang terminology, emoticons, and acronyms to help users communicate faster than normal.

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