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Androids and cyborgs are staple figures in science fiction movies and TV shows and are being pictured as human robots. But in order to identify whether it is an android or a cyborg, we need to point out the individual differences between these two. An Android is basically a robot that is made to look and act like a human being with some representations taking liberties in giving them emotions. On the other hand, a cyborg is a living organism that has robotic or mechanical parts meant to extend their capabilities. In most cases, the robotic parts are integrated into the organism and cannot be removed easily.

Although both are only seen in science fiction movies for large parts of our history, they are slowly becoming realities. A lot of research is going into the creation of robots with ASIMO being an excellent example. It is able to replicate a wide range of human movements and can even walk or run without losing its balance. In the strict sense of the word, cyborgs have been around for quite some time. People who have mechanical and electrical implants like pacemakers and robotic limbs can already be called cyborgs since the non-organic parts are meant to extend their capabilities.

Androids are specifically human in form but cyborgs do not necessarily need to be human. As you may have deduced from the paragraph above, animals that have non-organic attachments can also be called cyborgs. This goes far beyond prosthetic limbs for animals as extensive research has gone into utilizing cyborg insects that can be controlled for whatever reason.

Lastly, androids cannot be considered living beings as they are just robots while cyborgs are living beings. An android that dies can be repaired and reactivated just like any machine. If a cyborg dies, there is no way that the organic part can be repaired. The non-organic part may be scavenged to be reused but the organic part withers away.


1. An Android is a robot that resembles a human being while a cyborg is an organism that is part organic and part machine.

2. Androids have largely been the domain of science fiction while cyborgs, in the strict sense of the word, have long been in existence

3. Androids are specific to robots in human form while cyborgs can be animals

4. Androids are not living beings while cyborgs are

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  1. This is misleading, in a way… In Dragon Ball Z, the androids were once human, turned into robots. Android 18 can reproduce and feel sexuality. On Star Trek the Next generation, DATA (being an android) also has the same traits–sexuality, humor, ect.. but he was artificially built… This is why where I get lost.

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