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It is not difficult to tell that something or someone is human, and not a robot, or vice versa. The only confusion will come when robots are made or dressed to look like real humans.

A robot is a machine. It is often, or almost always, automatic, which means that it is able to perform activities on its own without the aid of external variables, like humans. It moves in the way that it was originally programmed, or designed to act. These actions are described as ‘intents’ of its own. For example, a robot that is designed to play ping pong will really move like a ping pong player, compared to a robot that is just used for plain surgical operations.

‘Robot’ is also a word that refers to the sum of all the groups of robots, comprised of the physical robots and the virtual robots (as in software). In the case of the latter, these are called bots.

However, many experts of technology and Science have agreed that for a robot to be called such, it must exhibit at least one intelligent movement. By the adjective ‘intelligent’ this means that it can perform a human-like movement, task or behavior. More so, robots are preferably those who possess a mechanical limb, can move about,and even do some changes in its immediate physical environment. Nevertheless, there’s still no concrete definition for robots that has been accepted by all.

Robots usually have other common characteristics. A robot is often electrically powered. Some robots can also absorb or get data from its external environment, interpret it, and give a certain reaction to the data or stimulus. Robots that are able to do such are the more complex ones, like Honda’s ASIMO robot. Some robots can even do far more complex cognitive operations, like sensing its environment and being able to navigate itself using a certain guide, as shown in driverless cars.

On the contrary, humans are organic individuals. It is a ‘he’ or a ‘she’, and not an ‘it’. When the human body dies, it will no longer come back to life, as opposed to robots that can easily be repaired. Although robots are said to show complex processes or operations, humans are far more advanced, in the sense that they have a highly developed brain that no robot has ever matched up to. The human brain makes us powerful, creative and inventive beings, in almost all aspects.

Human beings are also highly social individuals. They survive alongside other people in groups called communities or families. They are capable of forming relationships, and generating complex feelings, or emotions such as love.

1. Humans are organic beings, while robots are not.

2. Humans are far more complex and superior to robots in almost all aspects.

3. Humans are highly social beings compared to robots.

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