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Difference Between Boox Note Air 2 and Supernote A5 X

Are you looking to buy an e-ink tablet for taking notes and doing creative stuff? Well, digital notebooks are all the rage these days, replacing papers with digital note-taking solutions. When it comes to that, two popular choices are probably on everybody’s best e-ink tablets list: Onyx Boox Note Air 2 and Supernote A5 X. Both are very good options for creative individuals who would want a paper-like writing experience. But which one’s better? Here’s a detailed Boox Note Air 2 vs. Supernote A5 X comparison so you can make an informed decision.

Boox Note Air 2

The Note Air 2 is a multi-tasking powerhouse with some great features and note-taking capabilities that make it a worthy e-ink reader for your daily reading and writing needs. It comes with a 10.3-inch E Ink Carta display with a dual touch control. It comes in two variants: the Note Air 2 and the Note Air 2 Plus. The Plus variant is an upgraded Note Air 2 with a bigger battery.

Supernote A5 X

The Supernote A5 X is a powerful e-ink tablet that supports a wide range of file formats, including PDF, ePUB, PNG, JPG, etc. It isn’t a replacement for an iPad but can be a great notebook. It feels like you’re writing on premium paper with a ballpoint, thanks to its ceramic nib. It offers a suite of writing and editing tools to take note-taking to the next level.

Difference between Boox Note Air 2 and Supernote A5X

Tech Specs

– Both the Supernote A5 X and the Boox Note Air 2 have the same 10.3-inch E Ink Carta HD display with a 1404 x 1872 screen resolution. In terms of performance, the Boox Note Air 2 is equipped with an advanced octa-core CPU, while the Supernote A5 X has a quad-core A35 processor. Also, the Note Air 2 has 64GB of storage whereas the Supernote only has 32GB. The A5 X, however, has a bigger 3,800mAh battery compared to the 3,000mAh of Note Air 2.

Software Experience

– Maybe one of the biggest differences between the two devices lies in their software experience. The Supernote A5 X is a simple, no-nonsense e-ink device that you can use for reading, writing, and taking notes. The Note Air 2 is a more versatile, Android-powered e-ink tablet that allows you to do more things, such as installing a variety of apps, including Netflix and Prime Video. You can also use Note Air 2 for working with PDF and DjVu files.

Writing Experience

– The Supernote uses an ultra-fine ceramic nib and a surface that indents as you write, providing a smoother writing experience. It feels like you’re scribing on premium paper using a ballpoint pen. And the best part; it can do handwriting recognition without being connected to the internet. With Boox, you have so many apps to choose from when writing. The word apps, however, aren’t that optimized.


– The Supernote is specially designed for note-taking and annotating without distractions. It supports a wide range of file formats. You can have a table of contents that you build as you go and that allows you to navigate to just any page you want. You can also add keywords and add star marks to make a to-do checklist. The best thing about the Note Air 2 is that you can add audiobooks to your notebook. The Supernote is great for taking notes, while the Boox has more features.

Boox Note Air 2 vs. Supernote A5 X: Comparison Chart


Overall, both are remarkable e-ink tablets for reading, writing, and taking notes. You can pick either one and just start using it without reading the user manual. The Supernote A5X, however, takes a little getting used to and you can do the basic stuff like reading, writing, etc. It has simple professional tools for taking notes. The Boox Note Air 2 is a fully-functional tablet with advanced features and capabilities. It’s a more tablet-like e-ink device, probably the most versatile.


Is Supernote better than Boox?

Supernote is primarily designed for note-taking and is known for its user-friendly interface. It also offers offline handwriting recognition, which is a great feature. Boox is a tablet-like e-ink reader with advanced features and capabilities. Overall, the decision depends on your preferences and intended use.

What is the difference between Boox Note Air and Boox Note Air 2?

Both look just the same on the outside. However, the Note Air 2 uses a more powerful, advanced processor, a bigger battery, more storage, and a fingerprint sensor.

What is the difference between the Onyx Boox Note Air 2 and Note 5?

  • The Note Air 2 has a G-sensor, while the Note 5 does not.
  • The Note Air 2 Plus has a glass backplane, while the Note 5 has a plastic Mobius backplane.
  • The Note Air 2 has 64GB of storage, while the Note 5 only has 32 GB.

Is the Boox Air worth it?

The Boox Air is a remarkable e-ink tablet for note-taking and reading. It has a large, high-resolution display, a comfortable pen, and a variety of features that are specifically designed for note-taking.

Is Boox a Russian company?

NO, the company is based in China.

Is Onyx better than Remarkable?

Both are excellent devices for reading, writing, and taking notes. They are leading brands of e-ink tablets. Onyx is known for its versatility and open file system, while Remarkable is known for its simplicity and note-taking capabilities.

How long does Boox Note Air 2 last?

With average use, the Boox Note Air 2 can last up to 2 weeks. You can take notes and browse the web for up to 2 weeks without having to charge the device.

Does Boox feel like paper?

The Boox Note Air 2 has an E Ink Carta display that is designed to mimic the feel of paper. The display is sharp and clear, and it is easy to write on with the Boox pen.

Is Boox good for note-taking?

The Boox Note Air 2 is an excellent device for note-taking and is very accurate and responsive. The display is also very clear and easy to read.

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