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iPad vs Kindle

The iPad is an all-around device that can play a lot of roles quite well, including that of the Kindle. The Kindle is considered as an e-book device that concentrates more on providing the user with a small and lightweight device that can be used for extended durations of reading. Although the iPad is bigger and heavier, you can do the same task as the Kindle does and a lot more. You can surf the web, play games, watch videos and a whole lot more. You can do pretty much anything as exhibited by the tens of thousands of apps that you can download and install from the Apple app store. In comparison, you cannot install apps on the Kindle.

The most significant difference between the Kindle and the iPad is the type of screen that they use. The iPad uses a touch screen LCD display that is common in tablet PCs and even in some laptops. The Kindle on the other hand uses e-ink technology that simulates the look of paper. The iPad’s screen is better because it can display colors, videos, and has its own backlight that allows you to use it even in the dark. The screen of the Kindle can only display different shades of gray, thereby limiting its capabilities. But its main advantage is the very small amount of eye stress that you get when reading. If you use the iPad for the same task, your eyes get tired rather quickly.

The screen of the iPad is touch sensitive and it is the only way to interact with the device as it lacks any sort of physical keyboard or buttons aside from the single home button. Since the Kindle does not have a touch sensitive screen, it is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard that can be used to make annotations or to look for books in the Amazon store.

Lastly, the battery life of the Kindle far exceeds that of the iPad, due in part to the very low power consumption of its parts. Whereas you could only count hours for common tasks in the iPad, you can go anywhere between a week or two before needing to recharge the Kindle.

The iPad is a multimedia device while the Kindle is an e-book device
You can install apps on the iPad but not on the Kindle
The iPad uses an LCD screen while the Kindle uses e-ink technology
The iPad has a touch sensitive screen while the Kindle does not
The iPad lacks a physical keyboard like that on the Kindle
The Kindle has a longer battery life than the iPad

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