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Cars have been around long before the advent of electronics and computers. But with every complex technology, electronics have gradually been introduced to simplify and optimize certain aspects. This is the case with ECM and PCM, which are basically dedicated computers that monitor and control certain functions of a vehicle. The PCM stands for Power-train Control Module and it is basically a more dedicated type of an Electronic Control Module. An ECM takes an input which it processes and compares with a look-up table. It would then change certain settings on the car.

A PCM is a specialized ECM that combines the function of the ECU (Engine Control Unit) and TCM (Transmission Control Unit). The ECU is meant to handle solely for the engine of the car. It controls things like fuel to air ratio, ignition timing, idle speed, and even with variable valve timing. The TCM is specific to cars with automatic transmission and controls whether to shift-up or down depending on certain conditions like speed, traction, and throttle position.

Having a PCM makes the car perform better compared to the mechanical and pneumatic methods used in older cars because it can sense the changes of the conditions and automatically adjust accordingly. It is also a lot more convenient for the driver as it will handle things that would otherwise be handled by the driver.

Even though the engine is the most important part of a car, other parts also need to be monitored and automatically controlled. A few examples include the ACM for the airbags; the BCM for the doors, windows, and lights; and many more. These are not as essential as the TCM, ECU, and PCM but they still play a major role for the convenience and comfort of the driver.


1.A PCM is a type of ECM
2.A PCM is responsible for the operation of the engine and transmission while other ECMs handle other components

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