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Difference Between 2011 Lexus IS 350 and 2011 Volvo S60

2011 Lexus IS 350 vs 2011 Volvo S60

The 2011 versions of the Lexus IS 350 and Volvo S60 are four door luxury sedans that are priced relatively close to each other. Despite this, there are major differences between the two. Let’s start with their engines as the Lexus has a V6 engine while the Volvo has an I6 engine. The two designs differ in how the pistons are arranged. The V6 is a more compact design as the pistons are alternated in a V pattern to save space. The downside to a V6 is the added rocking vibration due to the motion of the pistons. The I6 engine is a bit longer as the pistons are arranged inline, but the engine runs smoother as the movements of the pistons cancel each other out.

The Volvo also wins out in terms of horsepower, despite having a smaller 3 liter engine compared to the Lexus’ 3.5 liter engine, as it has a turbocharger installed. A turbocharger increases the horsepower output and efficiency of the engine by using the exhaust gas to drive a turbine that forced compressed air into the intake. While the Lexus can churn out 306 horsepower at 6400 rpm, the Volvo can churn out a comparative 300 horsepower but at a much lower 5600 rpm.

There is also a major difference between the Lexus and the Volvo when it comes to the transmission. The Lexus has an ordinary automatic transmission while the Volvo has a manumatic transmission, which they call Geartronic. The Volvo can be used in either automatic or manual, just like the Lexus. But Geartronic kicks in when a driver forgets to shift gears in manual and redlines the engine. The microprocessors in the car automatically shifts gears for you to avoid engine damage.

The Volvo also provides more room for the people who ride in the car. The Volvo has over 6 cubic feet of extra room inside at 92ft3 compared to the Lexus’ 85.7ft3. The same cannot be said for trunk space though as the Lexus has 13ft3 of it while the Volvo only has 12ft3.


1. The Lexus has a V6 engine while the Volvo has a turbocharged I6 engine
2. The Lexus has less torque and horsepower than the Volvo
3. The Lexus has an automatic transmission while the Volvo has a manumatic transmission
4. The Lexus has less passenger room than the Volvo
5. The Lexus has a slightly larger trunk space than the Volvo

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