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EDGE or Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution is a digital mobile phone technology attuned backwards. This technology, also termed as Enhanced GPRS or Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution or IMT Single Carrier makes superior data transmission rates possible. This happens as an extension adding to the standard GSM technology. It is a 3G Radio technology and also belongs to the 3G definition owned by the ITU. On the other hand GPRS or General Packet Radio Service is a mobile data service that is essentially packet oriented. This technology can be availed by users opting to the 2G and 3G communication systems of the global system for mobile communications or GSM.

Given the recent technological updates it has become more than obvious that EDGE is a technology which is not just going to bring it hard on the GPRS technology but surpass it as well. This is precisely so because EDGE gives the users the inimitable chance to increase the throughput capacity and the data speed at least 3 to 4 times higher to what GPRS offers.

Moreover, EDGE also allows the existing TDMA and GSM carriers to provide the much needed and sophisticated 3G services. EDGE provides a single symbol for each 3 bits. So there itself what becomes evident is the EDGE rate is single handedly 3 times that of the GPRS rate. It has a higher bit rate precisely because the technology is based on a modulation structure of 8PSK. Hence the bit rate improves over the air Interface. As the very name suggests, EDGE is the enhanced and upgraded form of GPRS surpassing it in a number of technical aspects.

GPRS is unable to allow the service providers and operators to have an access to extended wireless data application which is otherwise possible with the use of EDGE. With EDGE it is possible to access web based email, wireless multimedia, the upgraded technology of video conferencing which is a ground breaking procedure, and not to forget web based infotainment as well. GPRS is unable to offer the entire assortment. Further more the evolved form of EDGE exists with Release 7 as well of the 3GP standard, provides decreased latency and a performance level that is two times higher than the prior form.

1. EDGE stands for Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution whereas GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service.
2. EDGE is a digital mobile phone technology but GPRS is a mobile data service.
3. EDGE allows existing TDMA and GSM carriers to provide 3G services whereas GPRS allows both 2G and 3G communication systems.

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