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Difference Between GeForce 9800 GT and 9800 GTX

GeForce 9800 GT vs 9800 GTX

GeForce is one of the long lasting lines of graphics cards from Nvidia. In the course of many years, Nvidia has come up with many models with different performance levels. Something that most people do not know is the naming convention they use to differentiate between products like the 9800 GT and 9800 GTX. Although they have very similar codes, the 9800 GT is more of a mainstream product that offers reasonable performance for both video and gaming. In comparison, the GTX designation is reserved for graphics cards at the bleeding edge of technology. These cards are intended for enthusiasts as it also comes with a much higher price tag.

One of the key differences between the 9800 GT and the 9800 GTX is the number of stream processors that they have; the 9800 GTX has 128 stream processors compared to just 112 for the 9800 GT. These are actual components that process the information into on-screen images.

Aside from the number of processors, the 9800 GTX also has higher clock speeds. The processors of the 9800 GTX are clocked at 675Mhz compared to just 600Mhz for the 9800 GT. Just like the processors of a computer, a higher clock speed directly correlate to better performance. The faster processing of processors also means that data needs to travel a lot faster in order to avoid creating a bottleneck that hinders performance. In this regard, the 9800 GTX features a significantly higher clock speed for the memory interface. The clock for memory of the 9800 GTX is set at 2.2Ghz compared to just 1.8 Ghz for the 9800 GT. With the higher speed, more data can move between the memory chips and the processors at a given time.

Performance-wise, the 9800 GTX is the sure winner over the 9800 GT. But, unless you can afford it, it is more sensible to just get the 9800 GT as it provides better bang for your buck. You should also make sure that there is no bottleneck elsewhere in your system. Or else, the performance advantage would be nullified.


1.The GT is a mainstream product while the GTX is for enthusiasts
2.The GTX has more stream processors compared to the GT
3.The GTX cores are clocked higher than the GT
4.The GTX memory bus is clocked higher than the GT

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