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nvidia_gtNvidia GT vs GS

Enthusiasts and gamers really make a big fuss about their graphic cards. They want performance, and they want their cards to be fast. Yet, price is always an issue. A graphic card with a superior performance, but with a skyrocketing price is not favored. What they want is the right combination of price and performance. A cheap card, that provides above average performance, is still heavily preferred.

Of course, performance goes up with price. The amount of video memory, or framebuffer, would often dictate the price of a graphic card. Although, it is a misconception that the video memory is the main factor that will determine performance.

Actually, graphic card performance is typically limited by memory bandwidth. However, new games that are released will require more video memory capacity, and it is apparent, that with this higher memory, a higher price will result.

Taking video memory aside, performance is paramount, and like what has been said, memory bandwidth will always determine performance. Memory bandwidth has two factors, the memory bus width and the clock speed. These two are the core muscles of a graphic card. More of, and faster respective features, will provide a more outstanding and efficient operation.

Nvidia has been developing numerous graphic cards. You would often see Nvidia products with letters like GT and GS after the product name (which is usually a number). It can be quite confusing, as people would often question the difference between the two. The product names: GeForce 7600, GeForce 8800, GeForce 8400, and many others are “suffixed” with either GS or GT.

The real meaning of GS and GT is not really known. Yet, these suffixes are indicators of the performance of Nvidia graphic cards. GT will always outdo the GS in terms of performance. Whatever Nvidia product brand it is, GT will have a greater memory bandwidth than the GS. GT may either trump the GS in clock speed or memory bus width to produce that effect.

In fact, GT is often considered as the big brother of GS. Not surprisingly, the GT is more expensive than the GS. Yet, it will be up to the user to decide which has more value. People that play a lot of computer games would know that the GT will give them a better experience; however, it is not uncommon for people to make do with the cheaper and bit slower GS.


1. Nvidia GT products perform better than Nvidia GS.

2. Technically, Nvidia GT products will have faster clock speeds and wider memory bus widths than the Nvidia GS brands. Therefore, GT’s have better memory bandwidths.

3. Nvidia GT brands are more expensive than the Nvidia GS.

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