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A router is a device in a computer that moves data back and forth between networks. In essence, whenever information is sent along, and between networks, or between locations on one network, a router does the work of directing this data to its rightful location. This task is achieved via headers – a bit of information that is part of a data packet, that contains transparent information about that particular file, or that file’s transmission. Forwarding tables also play a key role in the way a router functions. They determine which path is best for the data packets.

A firewall is basically part of a computer system that protects it from unwanted and harmful materials gaining access to the system. It is built in much the same way as most walls – with layers of related bricks to maximise its strength, and to keep out unwanted intruders. Likewise, a firewall is composed of a set of related programs, set up at the network gateway server, to protect a private network’s resources from other users on the same network, or on other networks. A firewall works in conjunction with a router, in order to inspect each network packet before it is forwarded along, and/or to another network.

Routers are usually connected to at least two networks – usually two LANs or WANs, or possibly a LAN and an ISP network. These are also located at network gateways, in order to keep data flowing naturally between and along networks. Firewalls work with routers as well as proxy servers in order to make network requests for those who use the workstation. As with most networks, there is a central computer that is the hub of the entire network. A firewall is no exception. There is a designated computer, that is separate from the network, in order to deter all requests from interacting directly with private network resources.

There are a couple of choices in terms of selecting the best router for a certain network’s needs. Larger businesses, for example, will use a completely different router than small businesses, or those for private usage. However, a router can be something as simple as two computers with a similar operating system, that are connected via Internet Connection Sharing (or ICS). A firewall, likewise, is different depending on the depth of the network, and the expanse of the necessary computers. Mostly, however, the function of firewalls are to screen activities in order to protect a network.


1. A router transports data between networks; a firewall screens data that is to be sent across a network.

2. Routers are usually connected to at least two networks; a firewall operates from a designated computer, separate from the network, to deter incoming requests from reaching private network resources.

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