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Difference Between VGA Cable and SVGA Cable

vga_dviVGA Cable vs. SVGA Cable

In order to connect displays to the signal source, like a computer or media box, you need to have a cable. For analog signals, you have VGA cables, and those that follow the same standards, like the SVGA cable. Since the SVGA standard did not actually modify the electrical standards of VGA, it seems quite unlikely for the SVGA cable to be different to the VGA cable. In truth, they are exactly identical, and, in certain cases, you can use a VGA cable for SVGA displays.

SVGA cables are differentiated from VGA cables to indicate that they are better at keeping the signals intact, and they perform better in cases where signals through a VGA cable may start to deteriorate. SVGA cables achieve this by using better, or thicker cables, better shielding, and some cables even have gold plated pins to enhance the conduction between the male plug and the female port. This enhancement costs money, and it is quite obvious that SVGA cables are more expensive compared to standard VGA cables. You will also notice that the SVGA cable itself, is thicker than an equivalent VGA cable.

In most cases, buying an SVGA cable is simply a waste of money, as a VGA cable could probably do the same job just as well, without costing you extra money. For connecting devices that are in close proximity to each other, you will not see any difference in performance from the two cable types; however, in cases where you need to connect devices that are far away from each other, typically 10 feet or more, signals through VGA cables can degrade, and this degradation will be noticeable in the picture. For these distances, SVGA cables are better.

This is not a fixed rule though, as there are still other ways to achieve enhanced length without resorting to expensive SVGA cables. You can probably buy VGA cables that have repeater, or signal enhancers, that reconstruct the signal, and allow you to reach longer distances. It is up to you to choose which set-up is more suited to your needs.


1. VGA and SVGA cables have exactly identical pinning and characteristics.

2. SVGA cables are better built compared to VGA cables.

3. SVGA cables are more expensive compared to VGA cables.

4. SVGA cables are better suited for longer distances than VGA cables.

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