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Difference Between Visualization and Image Processing

Visualization vs Image Processing

Visualization and image processing are two ways of obtaining a desired set of image for any purpose. They are used in a variety of modern applications to aid in different tasks. The main difference between visualization and image processing is how the image is formed. Image processing has a basis image that is then altered to modify its characteristics and enhance the desired aspects. In contrast, visualization doesn’t need an actual image. The final imagery is based mostly on how the creator perceives it to appear. Basically, visualization is creating an image from scratch; either from the creator’s imagination or through what he sees.

Visualization has been around for a very long time as man has been creating imagery since the time of cavemen through painting. More distinct examples of visualization can be seen throughout history; like images painted on Egyptian tombs depicting how their Gods look or how early navigators drew maps and routes without seeing the landscape from above. In contrast, image processing is relatively new and has only started with photography where you capture an image, which is then processed.

Nowadays, image processing usually refers to altering an image in order to enhance or alter its appearance. A more common term is “Photoshopping”, due to the popularity of the image processing known as Photoshop. Visualization has changed very little but the tools used to achieve the end result are dramatically different.

Although image processing is a very useful tool not only in creating magazine worthy photos but also in more modern technologies like facial recognition, visualization has the more far reaching range of applications. Just about anything that uses visualization techniques. Teachers use visualization to make topics easier for their students to understand. Architects use visualization to show their clients how their plan would look like once it is built. Engineers use visualization to analyze how their design and choice of materials would fair under certain situations, which is very important in car crash protection and other safety designs.


Visualization creates an image from scratch while image processing has an original base image
Visualization has been around for ages while image processing is relatively new
Visualization has farther reaching applications than image processing

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