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WM stands for Windows Mobile, which is the operating system from Microsoft that is specially tailored for handheld devices like smartphones and PDAs. WM6 is the upgraded version of the older WM5. It introduces a lot of improvements that enhances the overall user experience. First in the long list of improvements is the addition of two more screen resolutions that it supports; namely 320×320 and 800×480. More resolutions allow manufacturers to create more device configurations with different LCD sizes.

WM5 only allowed emails to be in a text format, which lacked formatting of any sort. WM6 addresses this issue by adding HTML support, just like what you would find in most modern email clients. Another modification is the release of the newer Office Mobile 6.1 for those who routinely open or edit documents. Aside from these improvements, there are also some minor changes that were implemented in various aspects of the operating system. Some of the features that had changes include the Bluetooth stack, internet sharing, and remote desktop access.

New to WM6 is the addition of Windows Live. Windows Live is Microsoft’s way of providing a quick and easy way to access the collection of services that they offer. As WM5 was released prior to the introduction of Windows Live, WM5 lacks any version of Windows Live. WM6 also enables the user to use VoIP for voice calls over a WiFi or a 3G data connection. VoIP can cut costs for companies who chose to implement such a structure for their employees. Microsoft also included supplementary features like acoustic echo cancelling to enhance the quality of the calls even further.

Lastly, Microsoft added the ability for users to opt-in to a customer feedback service that collects data on how the user habitually uses the device. This information could help Microsoft develop or optimize their operating system to suit the user’s usage patterns.


WM6 is the upgrade to the older WM5

WM6 adds support for two more resolutions not available with WM5

WM6 adds support for HTML emails while WM5 only supported text

WM6 comes with the newer Office Mobile 6.1 while WM5 does not

WM6 has minor improvements to a wide variety of features present in WM5

WM6 has Windows Live while WM5 does not

WM6 adds VoIP support, which is not available in WM5

WM6 includes a customer feedback option not found in WM5

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