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Difference Between Android 1.6 and Android 2.1

Android 1.6 vs Android 2.1

The Google Android is a relatively new operating system that is intended for smartphones. Since it is new, there is a constant stream of updates that include gradual improvements and new features. The 2.1 version of Android is code named Éclair while the older 1.6 version is known as Donut. For starters, Éclair is better optimized than Donut to take advantage of the hardware for faster processing. Another incremental upgrade in the Éclair is the addition of more screen resolutions. Although this would not affect Donut users if they upgrade, it lets manufacturers design handsets with bigger and better screenswith a wider choice of aspect ratios.

Adding to the list of upgrade are the browser, keyboard, and contact applications. The browsers UI has been revamped and abilities like double tap to zoom has been added to make browsing better. Support for the HTML5 standard is now present in the Éclair browser, which should allow the user to browser just about any website. The virtual keyboard of Éclair has also been improved to support multi-touch devices along with the keyboard layout for faster typing. Itsadaptive dictionary would suggest words that you commonly use and even names that it finds in your contact list. Lastly, Quick Contacts Interface has been added to make it easier to communicate with a contact no matter the messaging app that is preferred. Selecting a contact would bring up a bar that contains links to the apps that the contact has details on.

For business user, the most significant difference between 2.1 and 1.6 is the addition of Microsoft Exchange support in 2.1. Before Éclair, Android was pretty lacking in terms of corporate email support. With Microsoft Exchange, Android is now at an even footing with Windows Mobile and the iPhone. Another key improvement is the addition of Bluetooth 2.1, which aids in a variety of things like faster and simpler pairing of devices like Bluetooth headsets. Power consumption of Bluetooth devices have also been reduced for longer use time.


1. Éclair is better optimized compared to Donut

2. Éclair has support for additional resolutions not available in Donut

3. Éclair supports HTML5 while Donut does not

4. The Éclair virtual keyboard is much better compared to the Donut’s

5. Éclair has the improved Quick Contacts Interface while the Donut does not

6. Éclair has Microsoft Exchange support while the Donut does not

7. Éclair supports Bluetooth 2.1 while Donut does not

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