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Differences Between an iMovie and an iDVD

 iMovie vs iDVD

If you are trying to create home movies on your Mac and move them to DVDs so you can watch them, you’ve probably heard suggestions to use iMovie or iDVD. These two software programs can be used to achieve what you want and can be used together or individually. The main difference between iMovie and iDVD is what they are actually used for. iMovie is a software that is used for editing videos. You can cut the video and splice it together again. So you can direct how the video goes, and you can also remove unnecessary parts like when there is no subject in a frame or when there is too much shaking. On the other hand, iDVD is the software that you actually use to move a finished video from your Mac to a DVD.

Aside from the ability to cut and splice movies together, iMovie also has several features to enhance the videos. Features like transitions, picture-in-picture, and chroma keying can make your videos more interesting than the original. You can also adjust the picture quality in order to make it more pleasant to watch. What iDVD has is the ability to cut your video into chapters so that it is easier to navigate. iDVD can also create menus just like what you get with retail DVDs.

The iMovie software is available on Macs as well as iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone. So even if you are on the road, you can still edit your videos easily. iDVD is only available on Macs, obviously because iPads and iPhones do not have access to DVD drives to burn the disc.

If you want to improve your videos to make the content easier to follow or just add visuals, iMovie is the right tool for you. But even if you do or do not use iMovie, you would still need to use iDVD to move your movie to a disc. Otherwise, you can just keep you movie on any of your iOS devices or upload it to the Internet.


  1. iMovie is used for editing videos while iDVD is used to put the movie onto a DVD.
  2. iMovie has features for effects and transitions while iDVD can create menus and chapters.
  3. iDVD is only available in Macs while iMovie is also available on iOS devices.

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