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Difference Between Kenmore Elite and Non-elite

Kenmore Elite vs Non-elite

    Kenmore is a brand of home appliances that is under Sears but is produced by different manufacturers like LG, Panasonic, and Whirlpool. Aside from the ordinary Kenmore appliances, you also get the Kenmore Elite line-up. Both the elite and non-elite versions serve the same purpose, but the elite version is the more up-scale version of the two.

    Of course, it is already a given that the more up-scale version of anything costs more than the standard version. And that is the case with the Kenmore elite and Kenmore non-elite appliances, and costumers need to pay a premium to get the elite versions.

    With the premium you are paying, one expects to get a number of advantages to offset the price. With the Kenmore elite line-up, you get a number of features that are not available on the lower end non-elite versions. The actual features vary from appliance to appliance and from one model to another. So you need to examine the actual models you want and compare them to each other in order to weigh if the price is worth it or not. Kenmore elite models are also more aesthetically pleasing than the non-elite models. The differences between the two stem from different designs as well as the use of better materials like aluminum instead of the cheaper but less sturdy plastic. This is also a major contributor to the jump in price as plastic is considerably cheaper to acquire and form than metals. It may not contribute to the functionality and usability of the appliance but it gives your home a more elegant and classy feel.

    If you just need the basic functionality of a washing machine, refrigerator, or microwave, the non-elite models of Kenmore should be adequate for your needs. But if you also want to consider how the appliances would look in your home, you may prefer to get the elite models. The price would also not be a bad thing since the price of the appliances also add to the appeal.


    1. Kenmore Elite is the up-scale lineup while the non-elite version is the basic lineup
    2. Kenmore Elite costs more than the non-elite versions
    3. Kenmore Elite have better features and improved aesthetics than the non-elite versions

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  1. I just purchased a Sears Elite Botttom Freezer Refrigerator. It is a French, three door unit with the grab-n-go feature on the right “food compartment” door. It has the stainless steel finish exterior. The Kenmore part no is #795.72063.110. I know that this was built by LG. What is the corrosponding LG model ID # for this unit??? I would like to down load LG factory specs & schematic.


    • I’m curious how yours did. My ice maker broke after two years and at the 5 year mark the whole refrigerator quit working. I am disappointed and getting a more basic model with a better ice maker.

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