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Video games are electronic games that are played in electronic systems or platforms such as video game consoles and personal computers. They are either large computers equipped with game controllers and keyboards or handheld devices.

There are many types of computer game consoles that are available today. One of the most popular computer game consoles today is the Xbox 360. It is a video game console manufactured by Microsoft Corporation which was meant to compete with the Sony PlayStation 2.

It is the first video game console that has a built-in hard disk drive that is used to store and download games from Xbox Live. Aside from playing Xbox games, it can also play DVDs and CDs and allows users to share media between a PC and the Xbox 360.
Since its initial release, the Xbox 360 has undergone several model changes from the Core to Pro or Premium, Elite, Arcade, Premium, and then on to the latest model, the Xbox 360 Slim, which is similar to the Xbox 360 Elite.
The Xbox 360 Elite has a 120 GB hard drive which gives users more than ample space to save and store games and downloads. It is priced at $299 and is more expensive than all the previous models. It contains three USB ports and has a console that cools down faster.

In order to connect to a wireless network, adapters are needed when using the Elite which is an additional expense. When using the Kinect platform, it is necessary to plug the Elite into an external power outlet. It does not feature touch sensitive buttons.
The Xbox 360 Slim, on the other hand, is smaller, thinner, and quieter than the Elite. Its motherboard and electronic structure is designed to withstand excessive heat. It is equipped with five USB ports and has a 250 GB storage space in its hard drive. It has built-in adapters that enable it to connect easily to wireless networks without having to use cables and to use the Kinect platform without having to utilize an external power source. Like the Xbox 360 Elite, it is also priced at $299.

1.The Xbox 360 Elite is an older model while the Xbox 360 Slim is the latest model.
2.The Xbox 360 Slim is Wi-Fi ready and allows users to connect to the Internet without using cables while the Xbox 360 Elite needs adapters to get connected to a wireless network.
4.The Elite has three USB ports while the Slim has five USB ports.
5.The hard drive capacity of the Elite is 120 GB while the hard drive capacity of the Slim is 250 GB.
6.Both are priced at $299, but the Slim is thinner, smaller, quieter, and does not need an outside power supply source in order to use the Kinect platform like the Elite does.
7.Although the Elite is designed to withstand overheating, the electronic structure and motherboard of the Slim is designed with better heat resistant capabilities.a

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