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Difference Between Frostwire and Limewire

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Frostwire and Limewire are two file sharing applications that connect to gnutella in order to search for files that are uploaded by peers. They are quite notorious as a lot of people freely share copyrighted materials even though it is strictly prohibited by law. The differences between Limewire and Frostwire are in small things and cannot be summed up easily.

First off, you can get Limewire in either of two versions; free and pro. The pro version has some better features that may improve its performance over the free version but you would need to pay in order to get it. The free version comes with ads that are displayed on the interface that also generates income for the makers. Frostwire comes in a free version only and does not solicit funds in any way. It does not even come with ads like those on the free version of Limewire, which a lot of people really like since no one really likes looking at ads.

Frostwire also has some characteristics that go beyond what the free version of Limewire is capable of. The free version of Limewire connects to only 3 ultrapeers while the paid version connects to 5. Frostwire matches the paid version by connecting to 5 ultrapeers. An ultrapeer is a node on the network that performs considerably more than other nodes in the network and can make searching and downloading faster.

Although you are capable of communicating with your peers in Limewire it does not have the community chat feature that is available in Frostwire. This feature is rather straightforward and simply allows peers to talk with each other.

Performance wise, they should be identical to each other as they both use the gnutella network. But some tests show that Frostwire seems to report fewer items in the same searches compared to Limewire. The tests also show that Frostwire finishes its searches faster than Limewire. This is bound to change with later versions until they are at comparable performance levels.

1. Limewire and Frostwire performs the same functions
2. Limewire comes in two versions, free and pro, while Frostwire is simply free
3. Frostwire does not display ads while the free version of Limewire does
4. Frostwire has some features that are not on the free version of Limewire but on the paid version
5. Frostwire has a community chatroom that is absent in Limewire
6. Frostwire are faster but reports fewer results compared to Limewire for the meantime

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