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Difference Between Naked DSL (ADSL2+) and ADSL2+

Naked DSL (ADSL2+) vs ADSL2+

When getting a new broadband plan, there are a lot of options to choose from. Aside from choosing the speed and price that you are comfortable with, you may also be able to choose between a regular ADSL2+ line and a naked one. The main difference between regular ADSL2+ and naked ADSL2+ is the absence of a regular phone line.

A regular ADSL2+ line goes through a splitter with one line going to your broadband modem and another going to your telephone. Naked ADSL2+ doesn’t need a splitter as it cannot be used with an analog phone. You also cannot add the phone later on as the line doesn’t have a dial tone. Even though there is no provision for an analog phone in a naked ADSL2+, you can still have voice communication via VoIP. VoIP handsets can connect to your broadband modem and can be used for both incoming and outgoing calls. You do need to have a plan with a VoIP service provider which will provide the interchange between your VoIP phone and the analog phone that you are callingm from.

Because there is no analog phone, there is no bandwidth allocated to its use. Because of the freed bandwidth, naked ADSL2+ can be faster on the upload side than regular ADSL2+. The actual upload speed can be up to 256kbps faster. An increase in the upload speed would not really matter for most people as most activities, like watching videos and surfing the web, download data. For those who run their own web servers and those who constantly upload stuff on the Internet, the additional upload speed can be quite beneficial.

Lastly, naked ADSL2+ costs less than regular ADSL2+ because you no longer have to pay for the phone plan. This is very desirable for those who do not need or want a phone. A good example would be those who already have a phone line and just want a secondary Internet connection for some reason. Landlines have also lost their importance within the last decade due to the rapid proliferation of cellular phones. This trend is meant to continue, and more companies will be offering naked DSL connections in the future.


1.Naked ADSL2+ doesn’t have a regular analog phone while regular ADSL2+ does.
2.Naked ADSL2+ can be 256kbps faster on the upstream than regular ADSL2+.
3.Naked ADSL2+ is cheaper than regular ADSL2+.

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