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Difference Between Would and Should

Would vs Should

By its strictest definition, “would” is the past tense verb form of the word “will” while “should” is the past tense verb form of “shall.” However, this should not limit their roles in sentences as they can be used as modal verbs and auxiliary verbs that make them quite tricky. Thus, it is best to learn how they are used by looking into actual sentences where they are used rather than purely relying on its superficial definitions.

One of the most obvious differences, though, between “would” and “should” is on how it is being used. “Should” is primarily used as an auxiliary verb to express a sense of obligation. “Would,” on the contrary, is something that’s used for more customary actions. In the sentence, “When I was a young boy, I _____ usually take a long walk back home rather than riding in a cab,” the word “would” is best suited for that purpose because it’s just an optional choice of either taking a hike or riding in a cab.

In another sentence, “All of us ______ try to become more adept to each other’s personalities,” the best verb to be used is “should” because the sentence seems to require the subject(s) to do such an action. In this sense, the act becomes a form of obligation than a mere customary action.
“Would” can be used to ask questions as in the example: “Would she like some ice cream?” It can also be used to mean the same exact thing as the word “will” like: “How would they react to what I’ve done?” “Would” can tone down a powerful message embedded in some statements like: “He would have missed the cab if she had not stayed.” It can even be used to air some doubt: “I would hold off on the promotion if I could!”

The only problem is when these verbs are used to fit in the same exact sentence. For example, “The institution, through its president, said that its operations should get better next year.” Ironically, using “would” in place of “should” will also be grammatically correct. The question now is deciphering the message of the subject. If the subject uses “should,” then it is saying something for the future, and it means that the institution is more likely to get better (although not that certain). If the subject uses the verb “would,” then it would mean that the end statement “would get better next year” is already in the past. This means that it has already been forecasted some time ago.


1.“Would” is the past tense of “will” while “should” is the past tense of “shall.”
2.“Would” is used in statements that have customary actions while “should” is for more required or obligatory actions.
3.“Would” can be used to tone down the meaning and even air some doubt in the message of some sentences.
4.“Would” and “should” can sometimes be used interchangeably depending on the context of the sentence.

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