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Blogging has gained popularity due to the quick and easy way of setting up pages and entries based on a specific format. A lot of people who lacked the advanced knowledge in web development are now able to set-up their own personal web sites and publish their thoughts and opinions online. Twitter is a website that provides their users with an even simpler manner of publishing their thoughts. In relation to blogging, a twitter page can be considered to be a compressed version of a personal blog. As the options of the user is quite limited compared to a blog.

Although bloggers have a reduced amount of control in how they create their web site, they still have a lot more to work with compared to twitter users. With blogging, you can still embed multimedia content like photos, audio, and video files. This is not possible with twitter’s simplistic interface. Even the number of characters in a post is limited to 140 forcing the users to use ‘textspeak’ in order to fit whatever they want to say within the limit.

Because blogs are still full fledged web sites, you would need to have a computer in order to have all the tools necessary in editing the pages properly. With twitter, you would only need to have a mobile phone which is why entries are limited to 140 characters. This allows users to post entries and updates within seconds of whatever event that users find worthy of tweeting.

Blogging is a proven way of generating income with the use of ads. A huge majority of blogs contain ads that generate revenue for the site’s owner. Twitter doesn’t have ads in their pages and have no viable method of generating income. This has made some people question the economic viability of twitter. Despite the doubts, a lot of people are banking on twitter’s viability and have invested large sums of money towards it.

1.Blogging is the creation and maintenance of a type of website called a blog while twitter is a service provided by a site of the same name
2.Tweets are more like a compressed personal blog
3.Bloggers have a lot of control on how the entry appears while twitter users are limited to 140 characters of text
4.Blogs are done and edited on a computer while most people send tweets via their mobile phones
5.Blogs are usually accompanied with ads in the page while twitter doesn’t have that

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