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Twitter vs Tumblr

The quick rise of social networking sites has proven that people are always on the lookout in finding new ways of connecting with other people using the world wide web. Twitter is one such service that allows people to write their thoughts for others to read. On the other hand, Tumblr is another social networking service that has the same goal as Twitter but aims to encompass a lot more than what Twitter covers.

There is a wide gap between what you can do with Twitter and with Tumblr. With Twitter, the main focus is the written word with the quite popular 140 character limit that forces people to abbreviate in order to fit more thought into a single tweet. There is no such character limit in Tumblr, so users have free reign on what they want to put and how long they want it to be. Aside from worded posts,

Tumblr also allows its users post photos, videos, and a lot of other media that you can easily collate under the home page. Because of this, Tumblr is seen as more complete blogging platform than Twitter is.

Along with added features is added complexity, because you need to know how to upload your files to the Tumblr site as well as customize and manage your content. Depending on the level of know-how, the average user might find it a bit daunting at first. Twitter avoid this problem with simplicity. Since there is little you can do, you have little to learn as well. Within minutes, even the simplest person can begin tweeting.

Another advantage that is a side-effect of the simplicity of Twitter is its rather quick adaptation of the masses and the almost concurrent integration to pre-existent mobile phone services. Just about anyone with a mobile phone can send or receive tweets. Because Tumblr is new and a bit more complex, users are a bit slow to adopt it. Fewer users also result to a lower incentive for companies to offer integration with their services. But Tumblr is on the rise as users begin to warm-up to it and see its potential.


Twitter is a micro-blogging service while Tumblr is a more comprehensive social networking service

Twitter only allows the broadcasting of short messages while Tumblr has provisions for sending text, pictures, audio, and even video

Twitter is very simple while Tumblr is a bit more complex

Twitter can be used over a wide variety of devices while Tumblr is still quite limited

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  1. Thanks for this awesome resource I already have a twitter account wanted to know if there is enough difference to have a tumblr one.

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