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WordPress vs Blogspot

    Blogging has gone from being a hobby to a profitable venture that many people take very seriously. If you are planning on starting your own blog, there are a number of sites that offer their hosting services; the most notable are WordPress and Blogspot. The main difference between the two is the payment needed. Blogspot offers totally free services, which are supplemented by the ads that they show. Although you can get the bulk of WordPress services for free, there are some that are only available once you pay for the premium subscription. For those who are just starting though, either service is more than good enough.

    Another difference between Blogspot and WordPress is with Javascript. Blogspot allows you to include third party scripts into your blog, although they do not provide their own. In contrast, Javascript is not allowed in WordPress blogs. On one hand you get a more interactive interface, while on the other you get a cleaner and faster interface. So it is up to the user to decide on what is more important to him.

    Both services allow the user to create private blogs, which are not visible by the general public. The difference in this aspect between WordPress and Blogspot is with who can view them. With Blogspot, you are limited to up to 100 people who can view a private post and these users must also have Blogspot accounts. In comparison, WordPress does not put any restriction to whom and how many users can be invited to view your private post.

    Lastly, WordPress allows you to protect your posts with passwords, which is another way that you can limit who can view the contents of your posts. This is another feature that you do not get when using Blogspot.

    WordPress and Blogspot are giants in the blogging world. One thing you should take note of is that Blogspot is owned by Google and it integrates some of the services that they offer. The most important one is Google Adsense. This is very important if you want to eventually monetize the blog that you are building.


    1. Blogspot is totally free while a payment is necessary for the premium features of WordPress
    2. Blogspot allows Javascript while WordPress does not
    3. Blogspot limits the number of viewers for private blogs while WordPress does not
    4. WordPress allows password protected posts while Blogspot does not

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  1. WordPress is the best for me because it gives more security.

  2. WordPress (www.wordpress.org) is also a completely free stand alone application that can be installed on any server (needs PHP and MySQL). It is open source software and is built and maintained by a worldwide community of volunteers. Blogspot is owned by Google and must be used from their servers.

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