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Joomla vs WordPress

If you are a common user of the internet, then you must have come across several sites that have a small tagline at the bottom saying Joomla website or a developed by WordPress. What are these two? These are some of the moist common web design applications that are in use today. Many of the websites that we have today have made use of these two website design applications, especially for those who are amateurs and do not like to go into the web application jargon. Which between the two should be chosen and for what purpose should they be chosen? The choice of which to use depends on the different needs that you may have.

One of the issues to look at when comparing the two is the user friendliness of the two applications. Here, WordPress is seen to be more user friendly than Joomla both on a novice’s perspective and on the perspective of a developer. WordPress is quite easy to navigate and get used to as opposed to Joomla. This feature may be due to the numerous advanced features that Joomla has and thus it seems less user friendly, especially to first time users.

When it comes to flexibility, WordPress is the better option, mainly due to its back user easy to use console that allows for content management , especially for the publication of content on a site. Joomla is niche specific and has powerful individual features that will offer various users value. It is easier to target diverse market segments using Joomla than WordPress. If a quick stop blog is needed, the use of WordPress is recommended. Sites or blogs with advanced functionality should make use of Joomla as it is built for such purposes.

IS SEO is something that you are interested in, the use of WordPress is one that will give value to you, as WordPress is widely known for the beneficial aspect of its blogs in rising on search engines fast. WordPress by default comes with an inbuilt SEO pack that allows the sites to rank high within a short time, depending on the content updating frequency. Joomla will require several modifications that might need some advanced programming knowledge to reap the same benefits of SEO as seen in WordPress.

When it comes to integration, Joomla takes the cake here, offering clear integration advantages. Integration is especially made easy by Joomla when third party applications or software is needed to be linked up. The API offered by Joomla is a great tool for developers and they use it to extend the flexibility of their sites. WordPress scores poorly on integration, partly because of their focus that is a console that is easy to use.

Add-on development also gives Joomla a clear advantage over WordPress. It is important to note that the development of add-ons is possible for both WordPress and Joomla but there is a more powerful development environment in the latter alternative. The API development environment of Joomla is quite robust but that of WordPress though present does not match the API offered by Joomla.

When it comes to administration, WordPress takes the clear advantage over Joomla. The administration panel that is in WordPress is quite easy to use and helps new users learn the ropes quite fast. On the other hand, the environment offered by Joomla will only appeal to developers and not novice users.


WordPress user friendly as opposed to Joomla

A lot of flexibility is possible using WordPress than using Joomla

SEO capability is stronger with WordPress than Joomla

Joomla offers better integration than WordPress

Add-on development is easier on Joomla that the WordPress API

Overall administration is easy in WordPress than Joomla

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  1. It seems to me that this article is biased in favour of Joomla. On reading it one gets the impression that WordPress is not much more than a soup-up blog generator.
    The reality is that in its most recent versions, WordPress enables one to also build more sophisticated sites, which go beyond just blogs. Morevover, with the appropriate plug-ins and/or extensions it will enable one to build e-commerce sites.
    All in al I am somewhat disappointed by this article, as it tends to be on the simplistic side.

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