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Difference Between RDP and Terminal Services

RDP vs Terminal Services

Having the ability to access your data and applications wherever you are is one feature that has helped not only the travel veteran but even the common PC user. With remote connectivity, there are two known terms; terminal services and RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol. The main difference between the two is in the roles they play in remote connectivity. Terminal services, which is now known as Remote Desktop Services, is a group of services that are related to remote connectivity. On the other hand, the RDP is the protocol developed by Microsoft for the terminal services to run on top of. All the terminal services require that an RDP connection be established before they can function.

The function of the RDP is non-specific to any terminal service. Its main role is simply to facilitate the communication between the host computer and the client computer. From the server to the client, continually sends screenshots of how the screen looks. In the other direction, RDP sends the commands and clicks that are initiated by the user on the client. The entire process makes it seem like the user is actually in front of the remote computer.

Terminal services is initiated using the Remote Desktop Connection client that is packaged with every version of Windows since XP. The client is pretty much just like any other application and the other desktop would run inside it. The user needs to have the proper credentials in order to login to the remote computer. Resources can also be redirected so that you can plug storage media, cameras, and many other accessories into the client computer and use it on the remote computer as if it was plugged there. Output, like speakers and printers, can also be redirected to the client computer so that the user can get it.

RDP and terminal services work hand in hand in order to provide a simple and familiar way of controlling a computer regardless of where it is located. Travellers can use this to access their home or work computer to retrieve or upload data. It is also very useful for technicians because they can fix computer problems without being in the same room.


1.RDP is a protocol while terminal services is a group remote accesses services
2.Terminal services use the RDP to establish communication
3.Terminal services facilitate the functionality while RDP is only concerned with the transmission of the GUI and commands

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