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Difference Between NIPRNet and SIPRNet


Hackers are geniuses for being able to enter secured computer information.  They have hawk-like eyes that can definitely see through all loops and holes in a computer security system. The computer network is their lurking area. They can pounce on you anywhere and anytime. Their superior skills in programming and wide insights are their best weapons when invading a larger fortress. They seem to send in their minions to spy on another computer system.

I thought highly of hackers because of their wizardry skills in breaching any system. I once thought of becoming a hacker, but I don’t have the patience for studying the codes and programs of a computer. Though they commit cyber crimes, we cannot deny that they are the rulers of the Internet. Hackers seem to be invulnerable. They are like strong fortresses that cannot be brought down by a mere sorry attempt. However, hackers today have found their match.

To be able to prevent and stop them from committing cyber crimes, NIPRNet and SIPRNet were developed. All praise to the bright developers of these two Internet protocols. From here on, let us understand the differences between NIPRNet and SIPRNet.


What is NIPRNet? It means Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network. Sensitive and non-classified, these are the special attributes of NIPRNet. Because of its special attributes, it is the preferred Internet protocol of defense and military systems. Since the military is NIPRNet’s usual users, it is also termed as MILNET. With NIPRNet, all data from the defense and military systems are kept confidential and protected. NIPRNet is used globally because it can handle and support the non-classified/categorized data communications.

It has the capacity to provide portable IP service with data access rates ranging from 56 KB to 1 GB. It is designed for securing all private data. With NIPRNet, you can have consistent Internet access. NIPRNet tunnels the encrypted data that is matching with the protocols through using a wireless system. It is like a router that provides an external gateway to the Internet without filtering information.

If you will opt for NIPRNet, it will manage all your unclassified addresses pertaining to your line of work. It is definitely the most secure way of managing your unknown data. Internal users will have a better experience on Internet access.


What is SIPRNet? It stands for Secret Internet Protocol Router Network. This is the Internet protocol preferred by large nations like the United States of America. The U.S. uses SIPRNet for managing its data on its defense and military systems.

SIPRNet serves as the private Internet system of the U.S. It uses a different line of communication from the public Internet. Since the U.S. is the leader of the global nations in any field, they cannot afford to leak and lose important and confidential information. SIPRNet has tightened its security because of possible terrorist threats. The Pentagon tragedy is said to have occurred because of a leak of information from SIPRNet. SIPRNet is supposed to be classified, but the information was still leaked. This Internet protocol is controlled by the Washington, D.C.

SIPRNet functions similarly to that of NIPRNet. The difference between them is that SIPRNet deals more on classified data, data that should be never released to the public. It should be kept at a secret level. Only authorized persons can have access to SIPRNet. If you want to gain access on SIPRNet, you will undergo annoying, high-level clearances because the data stored in SIPRNet are like meals for potential terrorists.


  1. “NIPRNet” means “Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network” while “SIPRNet” stands for “Secret Internet Protocol Router Network.”

  2. NIPRNet is used to handle less sensitive unclassified data.

  3. SIPRNet is used to handle classified information up to the top-secret level.

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  1. this is incorrect. SIPRnet handles material up to a Secret level. Top Secret information is maintained in a separate system called JWICS

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