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Alfresco vs Share

Alfresco is an Enterprise Content Management system that can be used in Microsoft Windows and UNIX computer systems.

It comes in two variations: the Alfresco Community Edition which is a free software and the Alfresco Enterprise Edition which is a commercially and proprietary licensed software.

Alfresco as an Enterprise Content Management platform is a system that runs as open source software. As an Enterprise Content Management platform, it is a system directed at helping an organization manage its information load and unstructured information contents. It provides diversity and locations for content placement and storage. Its main goal is to simplify access to the company information and optimize security regarding crucial data.

The system is concerned with an organization’s contents, document, details, and records that form the base of an organization and its entrepreneurial efforts. The system strives to have a management organization of a variety of information and content that includes documents, web content, data and records, knowledge, and images. There is also an available repository and archives to store the data of the company.

One of the reasons why Alfresco is gaining popularity as an Enterprise Content Management system is that it is low-cost with minimum initial investment and a lower cost of ownership. These two advantages are primarily due to Alfresco’s open source nature. It is becoming the alternative to other Enterprise Content Management systems due to its efficiency and effectiveness. Alfresco also features easy installation, clean and simple interface which makes it easy for people to learn, navigate, and use the software

On the other hand, Share is built as a part of the Alfresco Enterprise Edition along with document management, web content management, content platform, and records management. Share is a browser-based platform for social content management and collaboration. As a platform, it has social features like status, tags, content activity, or activity feeds. The application also offers team tools and features like a document library, blog, a wiki section, calendar, and search. Virtual teams for projects and community, personalized dashboard, and content creation.

Share is an application that runs on a browser platform. It simplifies capturing and sharing information between virtual teams that helps to increase and improve productions. These virtual teams can be dispersed or found all over the globe making Share an effective medium of communication and collaboration of people and their content. Other effects of using this application are reduced bandwidth requirements and bulk of email volume of team members.


1. Alfresco is a brand name of general Enterprise Content Management system that is
described as an open source software. Meanwhile, Share is a specific application in the
Alfresco Enterprise Content Management system
2. Aside from Share, the Alfresco Enterprise Content Management system also has
additional applications or products like document management, web content
management, content platform, and records management.
3. Share echoes the simplicity and effectiveness of the Alfresco system. It also runs as an
open source program.
4. Share deals with the micro-level setting– the virtual teams that produce the content. On
the other hand, Alfresco handles the macro environment that deals with all avenues of
4. Share is more centered on communication, connection, and collaboration while Alfresco
is concerned with the “big picture,” general, or overall performance.
5. As an application on a browser platform, Share can easily be used in social networking
sites with an office orientation. The fluid of connection makes sharing and the transfer of
content easier and efficient.
6. Both Alfresco (as a system) and Share (as a product) are available for easy downloads.
They can also be tried online for interested parties. An online support system is also
found on their website.

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