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C++ was developed a long time ago as a successor to C, a programming language. It is very flexible and users can do structured or object oriented programming with it. C++ code needs to be compiled into a bytecode that can be understood by the operating system that it is meant to run on, and moving it to another operating system requires more work, depending on the scale of the program. Java, on the other hand, is a programming language that focuses on being able to function in any operating system. Java achieves this by compiling into Java bytecode which is then run on a Java virtual machine that is installed on top of the operating system.

There is a significant difference in speed between programs written in C++ and Java. Since C++ programs are written in native code, it can take advantage of optimizations that are unique to the operating system. Java cannot do this because it may break compatibility with other operating systems. The virtual machine also takes some time to translate the Java bytecode into something that can be run on the OS, further increasing the time needed to execute each command.

Because of this, each of these programs are used to achieve completely different goals. Programmers who want to create large and heavy programs often opt to use C++ and create a program that can be run on a single operating system. An example of this is a game that uses heavy 3d graphics or image and video editing softwares. People who use Java do not really intend to make big programs but wants to maintain functionality across multiple platforms. The most prominent use of Java is in mobile phones where the operating system is much more varied compared to computers. Java sets standards that a mobile phone maker follows to allow the Java programs to work on their phones. Java is also very widely used in the internet. The Java runtime environment allows companies to publish applications on their websites that people can use. It executes on the server and can access resources on the server like databases.

1.C++ is a very capable and popular programming language while Java is a more recent programming language that maximizes the code’s portability
2.Programs written in C++ are much faster compared to those written in Java
3.C++ is commonly used for traditional computer programs while Java is primarily used for making online and mobile phone applications

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