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Difference Between Windows and Linux

windows-xpWindows and Linux are both operating systems that have been developed to allow the utilization of computer resources . These two systems have a number of differences and require different things from users for proper operation of the system. Among the major differences is that Windows is a commercial operating system, while Linux is an open source operating system.

Windows is the widest used PC operating system today. It’s graphical user interface allows users with no programming experience or knowledge to navigate the system and complete the tasks. Some users have experienced stability problems, but with typical individual use the system has proven to be stable enough to prevent a massive shift. Windows OS has different versions that are tailored for various needs.

linux-dbLinux is an open source operating system. It is renowned among users as being far more stable than the Windows system. Some network administrators and programmers prefer the system, but for a number of reasons the system has not gained the level of market penetration that Windows or MacOS have reached. Little support by software makers has been among the problems. Though, with some knowledge, it is possible to run most Windows versions of programs on Linux systems. Also, while the system offers a graphical interface, there remains a bit of coding involved in the implementation of some programs. This can prove difficult for some users.

Linux and Windows have both proved they are operating systems that do not intend to go away. Windows consistently creates a system that is designed with individuals that have no computer or programming knowledge in mind as well as businesses and other commercial users. Linux continues to open its source code to anyone interested in improving the code and using the system and that makes it a favorite of many programmers.

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