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The people in the computer industry have their own expertise and positions, but the most interchangeable and most confusing job position and description exists between the computer developer and the computer programmer.
So, what are the similarities about these two jobs? Both people engage in computer software, and both people in these two positions are expected to write, test, and debug codes. In addition, both positions often cater to clients who have specific needs.

To be specific, a computer developer is defined as a person or a company who often produces ideas and solutions for a murky business definition. A computer developer has a vague set of specialization and orientation in various fields like programming, end-user communications, business requirements and analysis, architectural design, technical requirements, customer interaction, documentation, testing, project management, and other needs. Developers have a wide set of skills: they can write codes, not as good as programmers can, but they can also do related work like testing and debugging the source code like the computer programmers. In addition, these people also tackle the business side and the problems in that area. Their jobs often require the following: requirements definition, specification writing, project planning, creating an installation package, troubleshooting problems during installation, and many others. In a nutshell, a developer does analysis, design, implementation, coding, testing, maintenance, and documentation.

The ability of a developer is reflected on how the presented solution satisfies the needs of the client. To compare, a developer is like a Swiss knife – a utility tool that has many features for any arising situation.
On the other hand, a computer programmer is also a person who tinkers in codes. Like the computer developer, software is his specialty. However, computer programmers are more adept in writing codes than computer developers. Unlike the computer developer, the computer programmer has a specialty for writing codes in the other fields such as the business side (problems, analysis, and so forth). A good programmer’s ability is described as writing the best, most efficient, bug-free code possible. The code must be for a well-defined purpose. A stamp of a good programmer is a working and stable code. Testing and debugging the code is also part of a programmer’s job. The list of a programmer’s job is: to write, test, and debug codes while doing some amount of documentation and maintenance.
A computer programmer can focus and write on the single software or write for a wide variety of software depending on his abilities.

To sum up the comparison between the two respective positions, a computer developer sees a problem and has skills to find a solution for any problems. The developer has an arsenal of skills that include both programming and other skills required in making computer software. Meanwhile, the computer programmer specializes and focuses on the code for the software and uses the code as a tool to provide solution. A programmer makes the developer’s ideas real and stable.

Most people mention and use the words “programmer” and “developer” interchangeably. The two positions often overlap each other in terms of the work context.


1. Computer developers and programmers work on software and writing, testing, and debugging codes.

2. Computer developers have more abilities and skills than computer programmers. They do not have any kind of specialization. They can work in many fields of computer software.

3. Computer developers do a lot of work. This includes analysis, design, implementation, maintenance, documentation, and other related areas.

4. Computer programmers do have the specialization regarding codes. They write, test, and debug codes, but they don’t do much of anything else.

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