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Difference Between List And Arraylist

C# and Java are two very popular coding languages. It is, no doubt, interest in one of the two that brought you here.
So whether you’re a new programmer looking for your first job, or a veteran looking for clarification, read on and be educated.


The Java project all started in 1991. The program was initially called Oak, but was later changed to Java. Yes, coffee was the motivation behind the name.

It’s interesting that Java was originally meant for interactive television. It was too advanced for cable TV though. A new vision slowly formed for Java. That it would be a portable coding language.
In other words, programs written in Java could run on any hardware, not matter the combination.

It doesn’t look like Java will be going anywhere any time soon. As probably the most popular coding language in the world, Java is always worth learning. Java might well be around for a long, long time.


Originally launched in 1999, C# accompanied the 2000 .net launch. The language quickly grew in popularity and in 2005, C# 2.0 was released.
C# is in direct competition with Java, but the two are very similar. At least, from a programmer’s point of view.

What are they, and what’s the difference?

List and ArrayList are bits of code in Java and C# that allow you to set and call parameters. That’s in a nut shell. Confused? So was I.
You’ll need to have some knowledge for the next bit.

Usually List is an interface used alongside and for ArrayList or LinkedList. List is a general or generic tool where the others are more specific.

The code looks like this:
List list = new ArrayList();
This is followed by declarations into which classes are added. After adding the classes, you can call them at any time with another bit of code.

List can, in theory, substitute ArrayList. I have seen this done but it is not advised. As said before, List is an interface and ArrayList is the class that implements it.

If you haven’t caught it by now, here’s the difference again. I’ve put it in the most non-confusing manner I could.
List is an Interface. Arraylist is a class.
List is Generic. Arraylist is Specific.
The two can be substituted, but it is not recommended. This is the most recommended syntax:
List list = new ArrayList();
Are you a working programmer?
Do you have an easier way of explaining this?
Let us know in the comments!

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