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The model view controller (MVC) is a software architecture that details the flow of information and how requests are serviced to provide the accurate presentation. In the production of Java web applications, the two common design models (Model 1 and Model 2) are closely related to MVC and are often erroneously referred to as MVC1 (or just MVC) and MVC2. Most people think that MVC2 is an improved version of MVC; it actually isn’t. Model 1 and Model 2 were developed concurrently and are basically two variants of how things should be done.

A major difference between MVC2 and MVC is complexity. MVC2 is more complex to implement causing many developers to go with the simpler MVC. The reason for the added complexity is the separation of logic from the presentation. The logic is the part that services the request and creates the appropriate data for the user. The presentation aspect is how it is to be shown, what language to be used and such. These are all mixed in MVC while MVC2 makes sure that they are separate and compartmentalized. The main advantage to the MVC2 approach is flexibility. Since logic and presentation are separated, it is easier to create presentations with other languages without having to replicate the logic part. It is also possible to add new logic and presentations incrementally without having to deal with the entirety of the application.

MVC is preferred in smaller applications because its simple approach means that it is easier and faster to code the application without having to jump through hoops. If the application to be developed is large or is expected to be expanded in the future, it is more logical and hence preferred by programmers to go with MVC2. Its more structured approach makes it easier to work on the program later on without losing track of what goes where and reduces the occurrence of duplicated code.

With all the differences tackled, it is clear to see that MVC and MVC2 have their own niche in programming. Still, you can swap one for the other if you really want to, but you should consider the consequences especially in large applications.


1.MVC2 is not the successor to MVC.
2.MVC2 is more complex than MVC.
3.MVC2 separates the logic from presentation while MVC doesn’t.
4.MVC2 is more flexible than MVC.
5.MVC2 is better for large-scale application development than MVC.

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