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Difference Between ODBC and SQL


ODBC, or Open Database Connectivity, is a gateway that provides access to different data sources or databases to applications like VB, Excel, Access, etc. It is characterized by a set of error codes, data types, and functions that helps in developing applications. ODBC comes in handy when an application needs to access multiple data sources simultaneously. ODBC is secure as it includes a username, and ODBC drivers use passwords for authentication plus encryption programs. The performance using ODBC can be a concern if the front-end client is using a query that is performing badly. It is always better to process the query result at the server side and then use ODBC to communicate the result to the client application. It makes an application independent of the underlying database by providing a standard library that is responsible for all communications with the database.

SQL, or Structured Query Language, communicates with a database. It is a relational database management language that manipulates the data stored in a database. It performs tasks like insertion, deletion, updating, or even retrieval of data based on simple commands that are fired (queried) in the database. It is a non-procedural language that is used by RDMS systems like Oracle, Access, Microsoft SQL Server, etc. SQL supports databases that are distributed over several computers connected to a local-area network (LAN). It is a standard language that can manipulate the data like table creation or alterations or adding indexes using simple SQL commands.


1. ODBC provides data types and functions that help applications to interact with the database. SQL is used to create queries to manipulate the data stored in a database.

2. ODBC converts the commands defined in the client application to the queries understood by the database like SQL. SQL is a standard language that inserts, deletes, updates, or selects data from a database using simple SQL commands.


1. ODBS is a middle layer between the application and the database. It helps an

application to access any database or data source.

2. ODBC helps in translating the commands of the client application into queries that

are understood by the accessed database.

3. SQL is a standard language that is used to retrieve data from a database.

4. SQL was initially used in minicomputers and mainframe systems, but now it is

popular amongst distributed database systems.

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