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Despite the common belief that there is very little difference between CTO and CIO, these are in fact two different positions which have two different job descriptions.

The CIO, or the Chief Information Officer, is responsible for the top level of management when it comes to a company’s technological infrastructure. This means that he or she is responsible for ensuring that the communication capacities of the company are upgraded appropriately, properly secured, and managed well enough to keep them them functional.

The CIO also has the responsibility of running the IT operations for the company. He or she is always looking for ways to interface technology with efficiency, in order to cut costs, time, and man hours, to achieve the company’s mission. The major focus of the CIO is internal, making sure that all users have their required access, and their necessary education.

In order to properly do the job, many of the technology solutions have to come from vendors of the latest technology. The CIO is responsible for communication and collaboration with these vendors. While the CIO is technically a management position, the single greatest description of the job includes coming up with various strategies that will help increase the company’s profit, without sacrificing quality or service. It also entails being able to successfully manage the IT department, to ensure that all other responsibilities are met.

On the other hand, the CTO, or the Chief Technology Officer, is the architect for the company’s technological infrastructure. He or she is responsible for creating the intranets, and the communications systems, that not only keep the business running, but running smoothly and cohesively.

Furthermore, the CTO is responsible for managing the company’s engineering department. Being able to enhance the company’s bottom line, means that there has to be a way to use technology to enhance the actual products that are being offered. The CTO is responsible for merging technology with production.

While the CIO focuses on the internal organization, the CTO focuses on the customer-base, outside of the company. The CTO also deals with vendors, but these vendors are those with adequate solutions to product enhancement, regardless of whether or not they are technologically related.

The structure of the company’s product base is aligned with the company’s need to make the most profits possible. If there are products that are no longer serving the company, or products which should be introduced, the CTO manages that aspect.

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