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Leadership and management are two terms used to define group behavior in a professional or cultural setting. While leadership means setting up new goals, vision or planning a new strategy, management means controlling the group and organizing it to achieve pre-set goals and objectives according to the values and principles of the group.

Leadership involves a core group or single individuals. Management, on the other hand, involves an entire group and the actions required to make it function in a coordinated manner to help achieve the goals set by the leaders of the group.

Good leadership is all about managing the group properly while good management is about helping the leaders achieve the goals for the collective vision of the group. Management without leadership is usually a futile activity. Without proper leadership, the resources of a group cannot be managed for optimum output. For example, in the case of a country fighting for independence, unless there is proper leadership, there cannot be an optimum management of all freedom-fighters for achieving liberty.

A leadership that cannot ensure proper management is a failure while management without proper leadership is of no use. Only active participatory action by leaders is considered true leadership. A figurehead monarch is not considered a leader.

Leadership and management are inter-connected and inter-dependent concepts. Principles of management can continue to change with the changing times and requirements but the principles of leadership remain essentially the same throughout history.

A leader, whether in the Roman times or the present New Age, would be required to exhibit the same qualities of virtue, valor, confidence, inspiration, etc but management of a Roman army would be completely different from the management of a modern army. Management principles are only behavioral aspects that alter with environment, culture and requirements while leadership principles make people go down in history as great men to inspire generations.

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  1. Half of my blog – http://brucelynnblog.spaces.live.com/ – is devoted to exploring this distinction between Leadership and Management. My central principle is that ‘Leaders optimise upside opportunity; Managers minimise downside risk.’.

  2. Respected Sir,
    I am from India, I like the leadership philosophy, I hope you will send new update ideas to my E-mail Address, Thank you Sir.

    Your Faith Fully,
    Mr. J.S. Parmar

  3. Leadership and management is important of every of us. And more needed on a leader of a organization, group or a country like kings, presidents, teamleaders and other. We must be aware about this. This will open our minds and thoughts on how this is important for us. Hopes that this article would have a good job.

  4. Simply super, how many CXO has the caliber to manage. They are not open and not at listen from their management, only they wanted to push their own views. What i noticed in the current leadership, lot of crisis going around.


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