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punishmentDiscipline vs Punishment

Any rational society craves law and order. It is natural that a group of people originally living in conditions of anarchy should seek a more regulated existence. Once an authority has been established, it is up to that authority to instruct its charges in the rules of that society. Infractions against the rules are summarily dealt with. As one establishes order and authority, the concepts of discipline and punishment come to the forefront.

Etymology of Discipline and Punishment
Discipline ‘“ is related to the word disciple, or follower. Therefore, discipline is the knowledge that is given by a leader to his followers.
Punishment ‘“ comes from the verb to punish which can trace its roots all the way back to the Latin word for penalty or great loss.

Definition of Discipline and Punishment
Discipline ‘“ refers to training activities, methodology, and motivation.
Punishment ‘“ refers to a penalty that has been inflicted for an actual or perceived fault

Types of Discipline and Punishment
Discipline ‘“ can refer to training someone in the rules of an institution, such as a school, a union, or the military. Often punishment, or disciplinary measures, is inflicted if a trainee is lax in their discipline. It can also refer to teaching someone a canon of knowledge. In academics, you study a certain discipline. Self-discipline is training your mind and body to accomplish a goal, often one that is difficult or does not have short-term gratification.
Punishment ‘“ has evolved through the years from vindictive and retributive to systematic and just. The behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner classed punishment as either positive or negative. In the former, punishment is inflicted by adding a stimulus, such as a spanking. In the latter, punishment is inflicted by taking something away like dessert or television time.

Where You May See Discipline and Punishment
Discipline ‘“ institutions are the best place to witness discipline. It often means outer and inner conformity to a set of indoctrinated rules. At a private boarding school, students wear a uniform as a show of outward discipline, but also cheer for their school in sporting matches, which shows inner discipline in the area of school spirit.
Punishment ‘“ is found when a parent is raising a child, when a teacher is instructing a class on a certain discipline, in any institution that requires conformity, and in the modern justice system.

1.Discipline and punishment refer to the methods and motivations that drive us to create an ordered society.
2.Discipline can include punishment in its regimen, but it is not always the case.
3.Discipline refers to training methods that are used to impart a body of knowledge to a disciple, and while punishment can be used for training as well, it has also been inflicted for retribution or vengeance.
4.Both discipline and punishment are readily witnessed in institutions or anywhere that has an established authority figure.

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