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Difference Between Parole and Probation

probationParole vs Probation

There are some people who interchangeably use the terms, parole and probation. Though they are both law terms, you can still draw out the differences of each so that you would be able to understand these words.

Probation is actually a portion of the sentence or it is the sentence given by the judge. Most often, when a judge gave the person a probation, it could be a part of the number of imprisonment and then followed with a probation period. There are times that a number of probation years will serve as the punishment for a minor crime committed.

If a person is under probation, there are weekly or monthly sessions that he needs to attend to with a probation officer. Other conditions can also include curfew or in some cases are not allowed to drive. Should this person commit a crime, he would be put in jail again and or serve more years for the additional crime committed.

Parole on the other hand is being given by the parole board to a prisoner. There are times that judge would sentence these people with life-time imprisonment for the crimes committed. And if the inmate has been well behaved inside the prison, he could be given a parole after his case was reviewed by the parole board. This is a somewhat a reward for non-violent inmates to shorten up their years of imprisonment.

If a person is on parole, he also has conditions to meet. He needs to attend meetings with the parole officer and should inform the officer should he leave the country. If he violates these conditions or committed crime while on parole, he would be put to jail and serve the remaining years in prison as per the original sentence given.

The main difference for parole and probation is the person who grants it. A judge gives probation when reading the sentence while a parole board grants parole after observing that inmates has been non-violent inside the prison.

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